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Woman with ‘world's ugliest tattoo’ can’t look at it without crying

Woman with ‘world's ugliest tattoo’ can’t look at it without crying

Marie Armstrong says she holds back the tears when she sees the tattoo every day.

A bad tattoo is very different to a bad haircut - you can't just wait a few weeks for it to grow out.

Content creator Marie Armstrong says she holds back the tears when she sees the 'world's ugliest tattoo' every day on her finger after having her original faded tattoo redone.

The Florida resident - known as @marieaarm on TikTok - has opened up about her recent tattoo regret, which gets worse every time she looks at it.

What she was left with.

In a video that's racked up over 100,000 views, Marie showed us the unique-looking tattoo on her index finger.

Good job it's only a small one to be fair.

Now, the tattoo was supposed to be a half-peeled banana.

And when she got it done, there were no issues - the art-work looked exactly how she intended it to.

But as the banana started to fade, Marie was forced to get it re-done.

“You could not tell what it was. I didn’t even count it as a tattoo,” she explained.

“So when my boyfriend told me he had a tattoo appointment and that he was getting a tattoo done by this artist who’s really good.

What she asked for.

“I was like, I’ll go with you and I’ll get my banana re-done.

“I show him a picture of right when I got the banana done the first time, and he goes ahead and starts free-handing, like, adding on the rest of the banana to what he can already see and sketching it.

“I didn’t really expect him to print [a] stencil because, like, you’d have to size it perfectly.

“So I’m like freehand, fine. You’re an artist, like, this is what you do, you know what you’re doing.”

However, the patch-up of the banana - quite clearly - went very wrong.

Now, instead of a fruit, it just looks like... well, it could honestly be anything on her finger.

“I look at it, and I am trying to not cry. Like, I know that these are stupid, silly, little, goofy tattoos and maybe to you, like, it doesn’t matter how the f**k they look, but I actually care,” she said.

Commenting on the viral clip, it seems that viewers were offering some words of encouragement, as one person write: "It’s honestly not that bad, i was expecting something awful!"

"It’s not as bad as I thought!" a second added.

"It looks like a sock puppet from the side lol it’s cute," another thought.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@marieaarm

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