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Wordle Users ‘In Disbelief’ Over Today’s ‘Irritating’ Word

Wordle Users ‘In Disbelief’ Over Today’s ‘Irritating’ Word

Players aren’t too happy about Wordle 256.

Wordle users are “in disbelief” over today’s “irritating” word on 2nd March. 

Players of the viral daily word game, which was recently taken over by The New York Times, have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on Wordle 256 - and players aren’t too happy about it.

Warning: Wordle 256 spoilers ahead.

“Wtf I’m in disbelief…nasty one [sic],” Rahul wrote of the word, which was actually “nasty”.

“Already?! Y’all irritate me. Wordle 256 X”, wrote Deondra.

Jem instead advised her followers: ​​”An advice, don’t do wordle when u just woke up and english is ur second language [sic]”. 

Another user wrote on the social media platform: “All these Wordle 256 X with multiple lines of four greens.

“How the f***? How many words even end with those four letters?”

A different player of the game penned: “Not happy at last two words, can we have some positive words pls”.

Another player blamed today’s word for losing their 43-day-long streak.

“Just lost my first wordle...Ended a 43 day streak,” the player wrote. 

“Most people wouldn't even post this. But I embrace failure because it makes me stronger. I was sloppy on this one. We’ll get em tomorrow”. 

The “irritating” word comes as users were “ripping their hair out” in frustration at yesterday’s word on 1st March.

The latest Wordle mishap comes as the game was recently taken over by The New York Times after the original creator, Josh Wardle, sold the game for a currently unknown seven-figure amount.

The aim of the word game is to try and guess a five-letter word in under six tries.

Featured Image Credit: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via AP

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