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Tom Hanks says his son can't rely on his last name ahead of starring in film together

Tom Hanks says his son can't rely on his last name ahead of starring in film together

Tom Hanks has said he told his son Truman to not rely on their famous last name ahead of starring in a new film together.

Tom Hanks has provided some tough love for his youngest son Truman ahead of the pair staring in a new film together.

Hanks and his 26-year-old son star in the 2023 film A Man Called Otto, which is set to release in t UK cinemas on 6 January 2023.

The 66-year-old plays the main protagonist Otto, with Truman playing a younger version of the character.

The film is based on the New York Times bestseller book, which as you'd expect, tell the story of Otto.

The Hanks played character is a grump widower whose only joy comes from judging and criticising his neighbours.

After pushing many neighbours away, Otto meets his match when a young family move in next door.

But that leads to a very unexpected friendship, which will turn Otto's world upside down.

In a new interview, the Forrest Gump actor has spoken about his role playing Otto and how his son Truman fairs playing the younger version.

Tom Hanks offered his son some advice as they star in a new film together.
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Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Hanks said how he told Truman not to rely on their famous last name and instead 'had to hit the marks' when playing Otto.

He said: "Truman plays my character’s younger self, but he’s not the actor in the family - he’s an artist and is going to be a cinematographer.

"We talked about it a lot and it was all his choice, but I said to him, "No matter what your last name is, you are going to have to hit the marks.

"Not everyone is cut out for that, but he did a magnificent job and I thought he was extraordinary."

Later in the interview, Hanks joked that playing the grumpy old man was 'fantastic' as it allowed him 'to release my inner grouch'.

Not only will Hanks be joined by his son for A Man Called Otto, but his wife Rita Wilson is also on the project as a producer.

The trio have been seen on red carpets in recent weeks promoting the new film.
MPG / Alamy Stock Photo

The trio were seen out in London promoting the new film earlier this week, in what was a rare appearance for son Truman.

Reporters gathered outside of the Corintha Hotel as the Hanks' posed for pictures.

To learn even more about A Man Called Otto, you can watch the full interview with Hanks on The Graham Norton Show on BBC One at 10:40pm in the UK.

Hanks will be joined by Richard Osman, Rina Slaywayama, Naomi Ackie and Suranne Jones on the evening chat show.

Featured Image Credit: Vibrant Pictures / ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

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