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Elon Musk And NASA Are Flying Tom Cruise To Space For Upcoming Movie

Elon Musk And NASA Are Flying Tom Cruise To Space For Upcoming Movie

While plenty of actors are willing to go above and beyond for their roles, Tom Cruise is going one better and will actually be setting off into space for an upcoming flick.

Yup - the Mission Impossible actor is working with SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk and NASA for an as yet untitled movie that is set to start filming in October next year.

The movie, which will be the first to be shot in outer space, was announced earlier this year, but since then it's all been fairly quiet until last week when Space Shuttle Almanac confirmed the Axiom Space Station will set off on a tourist mission in October 2021 with Cruise and director Doug Liman on board.


It will be piloted by Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria and there's 'one seat still to be filled' - so it seems as though Cruise might get himself a co-star up there.

Plans for the movie were revealed back in May, when NASA's Jim Bridenstine wrote:

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Tom Cruise And Elon Musk Are Making The First Film In Space

Replying to the tweet Musk wrote: "Should be a lot of fun!"


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The movie was apparently pitched to Universal in an 'exuberant Zoom call' and has an estimated budget of around $200 million, according to Deadline.

Other names linked to the project include Mission Impossible writer and director Christopher McQuarrie and Citizen K producer PJ van Sandwijk.

Back in July, Deadline reported that movie was pitched without a script, as Linman was still working on it, so, for now we have no clues as to what the story will centre on... but it's fair to assume space will feature heavily.

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