Line Of Duty Acronyms Guide To Help You Keep Up

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Line Of Duty Acronyms Guide To Help You Keep Up

Line of Duty continues tonight (Sunday 28 March) with the second episode of series six - so make sure you have this acronyms guide at the ready.

AC-12 made their much-anticipated return last weekend, with fans desperately scrabbling to refamiliarize themselves with the plot.

But keeping abreast of what is going on is made more difficult by the sheer volume of acronyms used in the show.

You understand what's going on, right? Credit: BBC
You understand what's going on, right? Credit: BBC

A lot of these, such as as police rankings, are the same as those used by real-world UK police forces, while others exist only in the land of LOD (that stands for Line of Duty, btw [by the way]).

To help you keep up to speed with the drama, here is a guide to some of the frequently used acronyms and codewords in the show:

CHIS - Covert Human Intelligence Source

MIT - Murder Investigation Team


PNC - Police National Computer

TA - Tactical Advisor

AC-12 - Anti-Corruption Unit 12

ARU - Armed Response Unit


CPS - Crown Prosecution Service

DIR - Digital Interview Recorder

DPS - Directorate of Professional Standards

IRV - Incident Response Vehicle


MoPI - Management of Police Information

OCG - Organised Crime Group

PR - Police Regulations

RUC - Royal Ulster Constabulary


RTC - Road Traffic Collision

SCG - Serious Crime Group

Sitrep - Situation Report

Fahrenheit - shoot to kill command

Status zero - radio code, officer needs immediate assistance

Status five - radio code, en route to incident scene

Status six - radio code, on scene

Ten eight - radio code, in service

DC - Detective Constable

DS - Detective Sergeant

DI - Detective Inspector

DCI - Detective Chief Inspector

Det Supt - Detective Superintendent

DCS - Detective Chief Superintendent

ACC - Assistant Chief Constable

DCC - Detective Chief Constable

CC - Chief Constable

TFC - Tactical Firearms Commander

AFO - Authorised Firearms Officer

SFC ­- Strategic Firearms Commander

CSE - Crime Scene Examiner

FI - Forensic Investigator

FLO - Family Liaison Officer

FME - Forensics Medical Examiner

PCSO - Police Community Support Officer

SIO - Senior Investigating Officer

UCO - Undercover Officer

So hopefully that helps. No doubt there'll be some inexplicable FRIM or TNRO referenced throughout tonight's episode.

It sure is a hell of a lot for viewers to keep up with; even cast members struggle with it.

According to the Radio Times, Kelly Macdonald, who has joined the cast as DCI Jo Davidson, said: "There would be certain acronyms that we would discuss at the time.

"In hair and makeup, they had a list pinned up, which was quite helpful, I found, of all the acronyms and what everything stood for. I'm not brilliant at [remembering them], but I sort of get by."

We feel you, Kelly.

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