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The Plane Crash From Christopher Nolan's Tenet Was Actually Real

The Plane Crash From Christopher Nolan's Tenet Was Actually Real

In Christopher Nolan's new film Tenet a 747 aircraft crashes into a hanger and it was real - John David Washington reveals all...

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

If you weren't already excited enough for Christopher Nolan's new film Tenet then you should probably prepare to be blown away because it seems as though they've pulled out all the stops.

Leading man John David Washington has revealed that the plane crash you can see in the trailer was actually happening in real life, right in front of the crew:

Christopher Nolan explained how, after working out the numbers, it was cheaper to buy a plane rather than build miniatures and combine that with CGI.

Speaking to LADbible, John David Washington said: "We gathered, they made an announcement like 'this is the moment it's happening', all the crew gathered round and we watched a real plane crash into a real hanger.

"It was real, the cars got moved out of the way, the people running around - all of that actually happened, it was incredible."

Washington, 36, went on: "It stayed there [the plane] and we shot around it for I guess the next week or so.

"It was scary because I was thinking you know, what if there's a rock, what if it veers to the left, to the right, the wrong way. What happens then? So many things could go wrong. But they didn't, it worked out.

"I'm like 'wow, they crashed a real plane, this isn't like a prop. This is a real plane'. I thought they were going to do the model thing, they did not.

"I forget who it was, it might have been Emma [Thomas, producer], somebody on set said 'you'll never experience anything like this maybe again'. Nobody uses practical effects in this way and this epic."

John David Washington, Katia Washington, Pauletta Washington, Denzel Washington in 2019.

The actor went on to touch on his relationship with his dad, the legendary Denzel Washington, when he was asked about advice he may have passed down to his son.

John said: "Honestly, it could be the boring answer but he has an incredible amount of faith in his beliefs, in God and the spiritual aspect of it in our lives that informed the craft as well.

"That being said, with that faith in mind and having that spirituality base, it's a lot of hard work. You have to do your research, you have to be relentless in how you prepare for a role. Learn the person, learn what they're doing. I keep journals and doodles of all kinds of background on the characters that I play."

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