Disney+ Has Collection Of All Episodes Of The Simpsons That 'Predicted' Future

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Disney+ Has Collection Of All Episodes Of The Simpsons That 'Predicted' Future

On the surface, The Simpsons may appear to be a fairly straightforward animated comedy series about a bright yellow family navigating the mundanity of domestic life. However, true fans will know the long-running series is actually far more intelligent than that - even if we didn't realise it as kids.

Not only have we started to spot darker, more grown-up gags as we've become older, more importantly, many fans have also noticed some of its storylines are... well, a bit ahead of their time.

Several episodes of The Simpsons feature plotlines or details that have seemingly managed to successfully 'predict' the future, from Disney's Fox takeover to, er, three-eyed fish.

Well, Disney+ has kindly pulled all of these episodes together into a special collection, The Simpsons Predict, so that you can kick back and have your mind blown over and over again as you binge.

Credit: Disney+
Credit: Disney+

The collection is available to browse on the streaming service now, and features episodes from several of the show's 31 seasons, including the likes of 'The City Of New York vs Homer Simpson', 'Lisa's Sax', 'The Serfsons' and many more.

Credit: Disney+
Credit: Disney+

Full list of The Simpsons Predict episodes:


S6: E8 - 'Lisa On Ice'
S6: E19 - 'Lisa's Wedding'
S9: E1 - 'The City Of New York vs Homer Simpson'
S9: E4 - 'Lisa's Sax'
S10: E2 - 'Wizard Of Evergreen Terrace'
S10: E5 - 'When You Dish Upon A Star'
S11: E17 - 'Bart To The Future'
S20: E4 - 'Treehouse Of Horror XIX'
S21: E13 - 'Boy Meets Curl'
S22: E1 - 'Elementary School Musical'
S23: E22 - 'Lisa Goes Gaga'
S25: E16 - 'You Don't Have To Live Like A Referee'
S29: E1 - 'The Serfsons'

Along with The Simpsons Predict, other collections on offer also include The Simpsons Travel, The Simpsons Rock and The Simpsons Sports, so even if you're not quite in the mood for unmasking wild cartoon-based conspiracy theories, there's plenty of classic Simpsons content to dive into.

Credit: Disney+
Credit: Disney+

Created by Matt Groening, The Simpsons has been on screens for more than two decades, having first aired on 17 December 1989 - making it the longest-running American scripted primetime television series.


While many of us remember the series from our childhood, thanks to regular re-runs on TV - and now on Disney+ - the show remains hugely popular among viewers.

Here's hoping the show starts predicting some good times ahead for us all...

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