Adult Performer Has Made A Bernie Sanders At Inauguration Parody Porn

Adult Performer Has Made A Bernie Sanders At Inauguration Parody Porn

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Tom Holland Touches Down In Atlanta To Begin Filming Spider-Man 3

Tom Holland Touches Down In Atlanta To Begin Filming Spider-Man 3

Tom Holland has touched down in Atlanta, USA, to begin filming Spider-Man 3. You can watch him make the announcement here:

The 24-year-old posted on his Instagram stories, revealing he was ready to don the famous spidey suit once again.

He said: "OK, so, we just landed in Atlanta and, err, it's time for Spider-Man 3. Let's go!"


Like pretty much everything, the movie has been put back due to the coronavirus pandemic, so the update represents exciting progress for Marvel fans.

Speaking to his dad Dominic on his podcast, Tom recently said: "It's nice that we got to play actually because once we go to Spain and Atlanta, I won't get to see you."

Dominic replied: "No, that's why Nicky [Tom's mum] said 'Listen Dom, hop on a plane because you won't see Tom until March'. Hopefully, you can come back at Christmas."

So it seems like Atlanta will be Tom's new home far from home for the foreseeable future.


A few reports have indicated that filming minus the main man has already got under way.

Earlier this month, MCU Cosmic's Jeremy Conrad - a Marvel tipster whose insider scoops have earned him an impressive following - said that Spider-Man 3 had begun shooting its first scenes.

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Entertainment news site Collider also cited 'a filming listing posted in NYC' and 'some particularly snoopy Twitter posts' which lend weight to the possibility that some filming may have begun in Queens, New York.


This Twitter post, featuring the widely-rumoured working title Serenity Now, supported the claim:


Tom Holland Broke His Computer When He Found Out He Was Spider-Man

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As for what we can expect from the film itself, we don't really know a great deal yet.

Benedict Cumberbatch seems set to reprise his role as Doctor Strange for the third film in the franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx suggested he could return to the Spider-Man universe as Electro in an Instagram post that he subsequently deleted.

Holland has described the story of the new film as 'absolutely insane' - presumably he meant this in a good way.

All being well, we should be able to see for ourselves in the not too distant future.

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