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Trailer For Harlan Coben's The Woods On Netflix Has Just Dropped

Trailer For Harlan Coben's The Woods On Netflix Has Just Dropped

It's from the writer behind The Stranger and Safe

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

The official trailer for spooky new Netflix series The Woods has just been released and it looks like it's going to be our next big binge-watch.

Adapted from a novel by Harlan Coben, the writer behind The Stranger and Safe, the new six-part Netflix Original series is set to be released on 12 June.

The synopsis reads: "Summer '94 - holiday camp based in the woods. Four people went into the woods and never came back. The police finds the bodies of two of them.

"Despite passing years Paweł Kopiński (Grzegorz Damięcki), who is Warsaw prosecutor now, never recovered of loss his beloved sister.

"Unexpectedly, he gets a new lead in the investigation, which seems to be related to the disappearance of the girl in 1994. What really happened 25 years ago during holiday camp?"

Coben posted a teaser for new Netflix thriller The Woods last week, and it doesn't look like we're in for anything less stressful than what we've already seen from previous dramatisations of the author's work.

The book's synopsis reads: "Paul Copeland's sister went missing 20 years ago. Now raising a daughter alone, Cope balances family life with a career as a prosecutor. But when a homicide victim is found with evidence linking him to Cope, the well-buried secrets of the past are threatening everything.

The series has two different time spans.

"Is this body one of the campers who disappeared with his sister? Could his sister be alive...?

"Confronting his past, Cope must decide what is better left hidden in the dark and what truths can be brought to light."

Speaking about the new series earlier this year, Coben said: "I'm so proud to be teaming up with this incredible cast and crew from Poland - and helping introduce their brilliant work to Netflix's global audience."

The Woods will be on Netflix on 12 June.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix