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TV Bosses In Talks To Bring Back ChuckleVision With A Huge Twist

TV Bosses In Talks To Bring Back ChuckleVision With A Huge Twist

The show ran for 292 episodes between 1987 and 2009

Iconic children's TV show ChuckleVision could make a spectacular return to the screen as TV bosses are in talks to bring it back in a different format.

According to The Sun, some of the original scriptwriters for the comedy duo are involved with the project, which seeks to revive the legendary show that ran for 292 episodes between 1987 and 2009 and was so beloved by audiences.

ChuckleVision is such an iconic part of the childhood of so many that it's all but impossible for Brits of a certain generation to do heavy lifting without saying 'to me, to you', or let an 'oh dear' go without responding with 'oh dear, oh dear'.


If the show, which will be animated, gets the green light then a whole new generation of children will be introduced to the Chuckle Brothers, while plenty of grown ups with fond memories of watching ChuckleVision could also tune in.

Paul Chuckle will be back to play himself, while another actor will be cast as the voice actor for his brother Barry, who sadly passed away in 2018 aged 73.

The 74-year-old comedy legend said he had 'missed Barry terribly' and that by reviving ChuckleVision 'it will be like working with him again'.

The Daily Mirror reported last year that Paul had started a crowdfunder for a pilot episode to get his idea of bringing ChuckleVision back as a cartoon off the ground.

However, production company Kidation got in contact with Paul after learning this and decided the Chuckle Brothers were so famous that they 'don't need a pilot'.

The plan now being discussed with TV bosses is to make 26 animated episodes and Kidation's Kevin Neale has said they are 'in talks with the BBC' to get the show made.

Meanwhile, Paul has been working on other projects including a house music song, 'The Only Way To Me To You', which will be available from Easter Monday onwards.

As for seeing the Chuckle Brothers on our TV screens again, it's fingers crossed that talks are productive and the much-loved show find new life where it can delight fresh audiences.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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