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Only 25% of contestants got 'easy' question correct on ITV's 1% Club

Only 25% of contestants got 'easy' question correct on ITV's 1% Club

Viewers couldn't believe how only a quarter of contestants got it right

Only 25 percent of contestants got an 'easy' question correct on ITV's 1% Club

The hopeful contestants took to the podium on the hit game show to try their luck at the quiz, which sees 100 members of the public put their common sense, logic and intelligence to the test.

Unless you're unfamiliar with the premise of the show, any contestant who correctly answers a question that just 1% of the nation got right wins a share of up to £100,000 cash.

The ITV game show, hosted by Lee Mack, is styled as an IQ test and the questions are not based on general knowledge, like many shows, but instead on 'logic and common sense'.

It seems that only a quarter of contestants used their 'common sense' in regards to one particularly simple question.

Viewers were left absolutely baffled upon finding out that just 25% of the contestants knew the answer to question that wouldn't look out of place in a primary school maths lesson.

While, for some, the answer was beyond the valley of obvious - three quarters of the quizzers hadn't a scooby.

Digital creator George Stokey took to Twitter to share the news, writing: "Only 25% of the British public got this question CORRECT?"

Only a quarter of contestants could answer the 'easy' question.

The caption was aptly followed by a sad face emoji to really hammer in his disappointment.

He included a screenshot of the question reading: "Which SQUARE has the biggest total area?"

Three varying geometric shape options can be seen displayed on the game show screen right below the question titled A, B or C.

Figured it out yet?

It seems the internet did too.

One Twitter user revealed: "Went for B at first then read the question again," with a second admitting: "I'm [not going to lie] at first instinct I got it wrong too, then I saw the question again".

A third penned: "[Not going to lie] I would've got that wrong without using the comments.

"Nah they had me for about 30 seconds can't even lie," echoed a fourth.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their reactions to the question.

If you're still confused I strongly urge you to read the question again - only this time paying extra special attention to the second word of the sentence.

Yep - the correct option is A purely because it is the only 'SQUARE' out of the rundown.

After realising the answer, one Twitter user posted: "It is A because other options are Rectangles and the question is about a SQUARE."

A final viewer explained: "A is the correct answer.

"Properties of a square: all sides are equal, A has equal sides B and C are rectangles, having two opposite sides equal to each other."

The more you know - ey?

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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