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Thrilling British crime drama 'better than Peaky Blinders' has impressive Rotten Tomatoes score

Thrilling British crime drama 'better than Peaky Blinders' has impressive Rotten Tomatoes score

It could fill the hole left behind by Peaky Blinders

With the absolute torrent of television that's constantly spewed our way from a plethora of channels and streaming platforms, there's always a risk that some of the good stuff will miss you.

That's alright, because you've got us to clue you in on some of the shows you might have missed the first time around.

You've probably had plenty of fun with Peaky Blinders by now and are just hoping that at some point someone will drop concrete information on the rumoured movie.

At the moment we know Cillian Murphy is up for doing it if there's a good enough story to tell, though he thought the show itself was 'perfect'.

This could be the show to pick up where Peaky Blinders left off.

Anyhow, if shows like Peaky Blinders left you with a particular itch that needs scratching, you could give a go to the series fans declared was 'better than Peaky Blinders', which is quite the bold statement.

Someone else pulling out the puns called the crime drama 'criminally underrated', and the series is based on a video game franchise.

This is Gangs of London, a TV series based on The Getaway video games and shares its name with the third one.

Check out a trailer:

First releasing in 2020, it follows the power struggles going on between criminal gangs for control of the prize that is London.

A second season of Gangs of London released in 2022 and had viewers calling it the 'best show ever', so you may as well have a look at what all of the fuss is about.

It's not for the faint hearted as series star Michelle Fairley told LADbible back before the release of the second season that the violence would be 'on steroids' in the new batch of episodes.

Crime, drama, massive amounts of violence. What's not to love?

You don't have to worry too much about watching all 17 episodes and having that hole in your life again, because Sky have greenlit a third season and production has started.

That should give you plenty of time to watch the show, digest what you've seen and come back for a third helping later on when it releases.

If instead you fancy something more American then you could always check out the critically acclaimed Snowfall instead.

That one follows the first crack epidemic in Los Angeles during the 80s, and all six seasons are available for you to watch now on BBC iPlayer.

As for Gangs of London, the critics love that too and have called it 'a modern crime family masterpiece'.

Gangs of London is available to stream on Now TV.

Featured Image Credit: Sky

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