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Gripping drama 'better than Narcos' available to watch on BBC has near perfect Rotten Tomatoes score

Gripping drama 'better than Narcos' available to watch on BBC has near perfect Rotten Tomatoes score

You've got 60 episodes to tuck into

Everyone needs to tuck into a good old crime drama every now and then, and if you're looking for something high class and incredibly well rated, we've got the show for you.

It's all wrapped up now so there's no danger of you having to wait for more episodes, and there's a wonderful 60 of them to make your way through.

Watch the trailer:

This is Snowfall, a six season drama focused on the first crack epidemic in Los Angeles during the 80s.

You might have worked your way through the likes of Narcos and Top Boy, but there's always more TV to whet your appetite than you have hours in the day to binge it all.

The first season of Snowfall released all the way back in 2017, and it all wrapped up just last year.

Don't do drugs kids, just watch compelling dramas about them instead.

It's easy for Brits to give the show a look as it's arrived on BBC iPlayer, and the entire thing is available to binge for those who pay their TV Licence.

Starring Damson Idris in the leading role as young drug dealer Franklin Saint, Snowfall tracks the stories of him and several other people affected by the surge in use of crack cocaine in LA.

Those who've watched it reckon it's 'better than Narcos', and plenty of fans have been singing the praises of the show months after the final episode released.

Some fans have said it's 'probably the best show I've ever seen', and that it's 'no doubt one of the best TV shows I've ever watched in my life'.

Someone else said they were remembering 'how goated that show was', and I can assure you that something being 'goated' is a very good thing.

Damson Idris leads the cast of Snowfall.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Someone else placed it in absolutely hallowed company as they said 'The Sopranos, Succession and Snowfall might be the only shows that truly stuck the landing in the end with no complaints'.

With a show like Snowfall, that is one of the most crucial aspects. As much as you might enjoy the 60 episode ride, it's the sort of thing you'd want to finish in a satisfying way.

Not to point any fingers but imagine trying to convince someone new to Game of Thrones when you know what sort of ending they're heading for.

Give it a go, see what you think, and just maybe you'll come away with a new favourite crime series.

Snowfall is available to stream now on Disney+ and BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: FX

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