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People are hailing Gangs of London as 'best show ever' following season two release

People are hailing Gangs of London as 'best show ever' following season two release

Gangs of London season two is out now, and fans are already hailing it as the 'best show ever' after Sope Dirisu and co's return

Fans are hailing British crime drama Gangs of London as the ‘best show ever’, following its long-awaited return to screens with season two. Watch the trailer for new series here:

The brutal first instalment followed the Wallace family as they dealt with the death of their patriarch Finn (Colm Meaney), formerly the head of London's most powerful crime group, whose assassination sent shockwaves through the city as son Sean (Joe Cole) took over.

With the Kurdish Freedom Fighters, the Pakistani Drug Cartel, Welsh travellers and other criminal bodies to answer to, what Sean didn't realise was that one of his biggest enemies came from within his own organisation – after undercover cop Elliott (Sope Dirisu) managed to infiltrate the family.

Sope Dirisu as Elliot.

Round two comes one year after Sean's death, with the surviving Wallaces scattered and the Dumanis broken and estranged, while Elliot is being forced to work for the investors.

After its return earlier this week, viewers have not been left disappointed by season two – saying the ‘top tier’ programme is the best show not just on TV right now, but also the best ‘ever made’.

One fan tweeted: “Gangs of London is easily the best thing out right now... Top tier.”

Someone else said: “Gangs of London season 2???? Best British TV show running is back.”

A third wrote: “Gangs of London has to be the best show ever made.”

Another added: “I promise you this is probably the best TV I’ve watched all year. I am BREATHLESS from screaming for 90 minutes."

Season two is out now.

Ahead of the release of the highly-anticipated new series, Michelle Fairley, who plays Marian Wallace, exclusively told LADbible that the violence is ‘on steroids’ in season two.

Co-star Orli Shuka - the actor behind Luan, head of the Albanian mafia in Gangs of London – echoed her comments, saying: “This is a violent show, basically we got a lot of blood, blood, blood everywhere.

“We don’t have unicorns, we don’t have rainbows, it’s not a fairytale. We are still in gangster territory.”

Meanwhile, director Corin Hardy knew exactly what fans wanted to see in the new batch of episodes, revealing he aimed to ‘really push [the violence]' as far as it could go while also incorporating lots of emotion.

The new instalment promise violence 'on steroids'.

“It was certainly something I was very aware of, the ingredients that the audience responded to,” he said.

“That was part of the challenge in season one, ‘Are we gonna get away with this? Are we gonna pull it off? Are people gonna like it?’”

Thankfully, it sounds like people more than just like it, they LOVE it.

Watch Gangs of London season 2 now on Sky Atlantic and NOW.

Featured Image Credit: Sky

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