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Naked Attraction contestant's 'rude' reaction to being rejected had viewers fuming

Naked Attraction contestant's 'rude' reaction to being rejected had viewers fuming

Jay Cartwright is that you?

Look, usually I’d say that appearances aren’t everything – don’t judge a book by its cover, you know.

Except for when it comes to Naked Attraction. Because then, quite literally, appearances are everything.

But even when a load of Brits strip off their kit to be judged and admired on the Channel 4 show, good manners a still important. There’s no need to be rude lads.

Yet one participant had viewers fuming for his ‘rude’ reaction. Watch the moment here:

Look, getting completely naked on national TV only to be rejected must be quite the blow to the ego.

But this lad’s comment after he was eliminated led to fierce backlash that could really knock that ego.

Back in 2022, Leon was up against five other men, and even made it to Nameya's top three.

Unfortunately, battling against one other man and a woman, Leon was sent home and yet he didn't appear too upset.

The booted contestant told the camera: "It's one of them. You win some, you lose some but there’s plenty more cl*nge in the sea."

Contestant Leon backstage on Naked Attraction.
Channel 4

Despite his nonchalant attitude and impressive handling of being sent home without a date - having gotten up on stage butt naked to be judged on each singular body part for all the world to see - Leon became the subject of scorn.

The rejected contestant may have thought he was just going home with his tail between his legs, but he also faced a social media tirade with X users having been left outraged by his language.

One user stated: "Plenty more cl*nge in the sea. Stay classy, Leon."

"Leon you dirty b*stard! CL*NGE!?#NakedAttraction," another wrote.

Others were left bewildered as to how the term had been allowed on national television. "Did orange just use the word cl*nge on National tv???," one questioned.

Another drilled home the reality of the show: "O M F G - someone said the word 'cl*nge' on the TV program that where people judge each other purely on their nude appearance! I mean - WHAT NEXT?!

"'His c*ck isn't big enough' OR 'Her a*se isn't round enough' FFS, drop the pretence ppl ... #NakedAttraction."

Although it turns out not everyone is so sure what the word in question actually means (perhaps its best that way) as one user stated: "I know I’m getting on a bit but what’s a cl*nge #NakedAttraction."

However, ultimately, for anyone who grew up in Britain in the 2000s, you'd know straight away that Leon's words - while crude - are simply a quote from hit sitcom The Inbetweeners.

In similar Jay Cartwright style, one user joked: "Look I don't watch Naked Attraction but it seems like the nation had the opportunity to get 'cl*nge' trending and has failed so I'm disappointed in you all."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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