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Channel 4 is looking for virgins to go on ‘retreat’ for new show

Channel 4 is looking for virgins to go on ‘retreat’ for new show

According to Channel 4, one in eight British 26 years olds are still virgins

Channel 4 is looking for adult virgins for a new reality TV show.

We may only be a few weeks into 2024, but if you already feel like you need a holiday then fear not, because Channel 4 has you covered - if you're a virgin that is.

With the British TV channel already home to a plethora of bizarre, bewitching but also quite frankly baffling reality dating shows - take Naked Attraction or Married at First Sight - you'd think it would've run out of ideas, but apparently not.

Channel 4 has released a call-out for applicants for its new reality TV series on its website.

The page reads - half of it in quite alarming caps lock: "ARE YOU A VIRGIN? OR HAVE YOU ALWAYS STRUGGLED WITH INTIMACY?


"If YOU are aged 21 or over and would like to be guided in the art of intimacy on a Mediterranean island retreat, find more info, T&Cs and application form at"

Once you've gotten over the fact that a supposed one in eight British 26 year olds are still virgins - I mean, look at Love Island - you'll be intrigued to know the working title for the series is currently listed as The Intimacy Retreat.

But, while that's all well and good, what is the series actually going to entail for contestants?

There's a new Channel 4 reality dating show on the way.
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Well, according to a source, the show is going to take a similar format to Love Island.

A source told The Sun: "This is very much a Love Island scenario, but a dating show with a real difference...

"Of course it has echoes of Love Island but it’s a bit more sophisticated and complicated than just lazing round a pool eyeing each other up before all pairing up for bedtime antics when the lights go out."

And a spokesperson for Channel 4 told The Mirror: "The Intimacy Retreat (working title) is a six-part formatted documentary series for Channel 4 that follows the journey of a group of adults who are virgins (or identify as virgins) as they learn life-changing skills in the art of intimacy.

The deadline for applications is 25 February, 2024.
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"Our leading sexologists will be running a unique Mediterranean island retreat that, using a radical and entirely new approach, will help people overcome their fears and insecurities when it comes to intimacy and sex."

A spokesperson for the series added the 'fears and insecurities' could include people who 'lack body confidence, are unsure about [their] sexual identify or orientation, have social anxiety or physical issues that can make sex worrying or uncomfortable' or who've previously sworn off sex due to religious reasons.

If you're interested in applying for the show, you have until 25 February to show your interest and for any enquiries you can contact [email protected].

According to The Mirror, if you're successful, the next step would then be a one-to-one interview stage before filming is reportedly set to commence in April.

LADbible has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

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