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Clarkson’s Farm season four latest as star confirms they're returning

Clarkson’s Farm season four latest as star confirms they're returning

Filming for season four of Clarkson's Farm started a month ago

Filming is well under way for Clarkson's Farm season four - and one star has confirmed they'll be back.

With people queuing for hours just to get in to the real life Diddly Squat Farm Shop, people quite simply can't get enough after the third series of Clarkson's Farm was released in May this year.

And after millions tuned in to the latest showing in the first week after it was released, it's now all eyes on the future and what the fourth instalment could bring us.

Jeremy Clarkson himself, who has owned the farm since 2008, has already given a sneak peek at season four. But other updates have been a little more fearful, with Diddly Squat itself hit by a major disaster during the filming of the fourth outing.

Jeremy's farm manager, Kaleb Cooper, also hinted at worries over the farm's success this year in an update from his tractor seat.

Jeremy and Kaleb in season three (Prime Video)
Jeremy and Kaleb in season three (Prime Video)

Now, another hint at season four has been given by one of the newer stars of the documentary series.

The third showing of Clarkson's Farm saw Jeremy introduced to a process called regenerative farming, brought to him by none other than Groove Armada's Andy Cato.

The musician and record producer has swapped the decks for farming, focusing on not using fertilisers and pesticides during the growing process.

Instead, there is a focus on reversing the damage these can cause and allowing land, soil, water, nutrients, and natural assets to regenerate themselves - which in turn should prolong the life of the soil used by farmers to grow their food.

Cato during season three (Prime Video)
Cato during season three (Prime Video)

Season three saw Cato take over one of the Diddly Squat Farm fields to demonstrate this practice - an experiment that was a success for Jeremy and Cato on both ends of the economic spectrum.

Now it appears that Cato has been invited back to Diddly Squat for season four.

"We started filming the next series a month ago now, and he wants to expand the area where we're embracing these techniques,” Cato told the BBC. “So yeah, I think we got off to a good start.”

Jeremy on his farm (Instagram / Diddly Squat Farm Shop)
Jeremy on his farm (Instagram / Diddly Squat Farm Shop)

On why regenerative farming is needed, Cato added: "To all of the traditional risk that farmers have been shouldering for decades, we’re now adding massive climatic volatility and massive price volatility – and it's just not a reasonable ask.

"We just can't keep doing this, and farmers won't keep doing this."

It comes after a period in which the farming industry has been hit hard by rising prices due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Cato's venture in to regenerative farming first came about in France where he sold the publishing rights to his music to buy his first farm.

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