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Devastating box opening shows the most unfortunate Deal or No Deal outcome ever

Devastating box opening shows the most unfortunate Deal or No Deal outcome ever

Contestant Donna Rampton has gone down in the Deal or No Deal hall of fame for all the wrong reasons.

When it comes to taking an offer from the banker on Deal or No Deal, sometimes it's best to play it safe.

But as this contestant found out, sometimes taking the risk pays off - big time.

As ITV's relaunch of the iconic gameshow is right around the corner, it's only right to look back on one of the most legendary episodes.

Have a watch here:

The episode has gone down in the Deal or No Deal hall of fame for all the wrong reasons - with fans dubbing it the 'most unfortunate outcome ever'.

Donna Rampton got her chance to compete for the jackpot in December 2006 and strolled down to the podium with box number one.

The then-23-year-old, from Colchester, Essex, was hoping to win some cash to fund her wedding to her fiancé Steve, who was watching from the audience.

As with every episode, she had to choose which of the 22 sealed boxes that stood for various cash prizes, ranging from 1p to £250,000, that she would like to open.

The contestant seemed to be on a winning streak after the game kicked off and unfastened a number of low value boxes.

But Donna then began to lose a number of red boxes, making the blonde concerned she would go home empty handed.

Even Noel Edmonds noted she was putting herself through 'mental turmoil' when she had to choose the next one to open.

Donna Rampton was trying to win big to fund her wedding to fiancé Steve.
Channel 4

But then she got rid of the 1p prize and got back into the swing of things, seeing her decline two offers of £10,000 from the banker.

Steve then joined her onstage to help aid her decisions - but she probably looks back and wishes she left him at home.

Donna ended up with £1, £5, £10, £50, £5,000, £10,000, £100,000 and the £250,000 jackpot still left to play for.

The phone again buzzed with an offer from the banker of £21,000 and the secretary was reluctant to take any chances on her wedding fund.

After deliberating with Steve and taking some advice from Noel, Donna decided to take the money - despite 'having a good feeling' about her box.

It turned out that her optimism was right on the money - as she went on to eliminate a series of low value boxes.

As she played on, Donna grew increasingly regretful about her decision as Noel pointed out it had turned into a 'perfect round'.

The banker would have upped his offer to £59,000 due to the prizes still on the board - a number that left the contestant in floods of tears and sparked 'a domestic' between her and her fella.

The contestant was left in floods of tears when she found out what was in her box.
Channel 4

It was then revealed that the final two boxes had £100,000 and £250,000 hidden inside.

By this point, Donna was inconsolable and said: "Why didn't I just have the guts to carry on?"

So you can imagine the state of her when it turned out she had the £250,000 jackpot in her box all along.

Donna was hysterical - and was surely kicking Steve under the table - after missing out on a quarter of a million.

But that's the beauty of Deal or No Deal I suppose. At least she left with something!

The hit show will return to our screens on 20 November at 4pm on ITV - but Stephen Mulhern is now taking on hosting duties.

This time around, the top prize will be £100,000, meaning there will be no more winners who are a quarter of the way to becoming a millionaire.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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