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AI gives most likely explanation of what happened on the Gavin & Stacey fishing trip

AI gives most likely explanation of what happened on the Gavin & Stacey fishing trip

Will we finally discover what happened on THAT fishing trip?

It's one of those television mysteries which has echoed down the years... what happened on the infamous fishing trip in Gavin and Stacey?

Anyone who has seen the show will be familiar with the mysterious incident between Uncle Bryn and Jason which left the pair barely on speaking terms. Any interaction between the pair becomes muted, and suffice to say the precise nature of the fishing trip is never revealed.

Uncle Bryn and Jason.
Davis Entertainment BBC

Naturally, there has been a plethora of theories about the mysterious incident over the years. However, among the most widely acknowledged is that it has something to do with Uncle Bryn very clearly being a closeted gay man.

While the infamous fishing trip is resolved later in the series and Bryn and Jason do reconcile, it is never revealed exactly what happened.

In the absence of a revealed source, we asked AI what it thought had actually happened on the fishing trip. It certainly came up with some interesting ideas.

Here's what it had to say:

We asked AI what it thought happened.
Yuichiro Chino / Getty

"There are many theories about what happened on the Gavin & Stacey boat trip, but the truth is that we will never know for sure.

"The show's creators have said that they will never reveal what happened, and they have even written a script for an episode that would have shown what happened, but it was never filmed.

"Some of the most popular theories include:

The AI had some interesting ideas.
Yuichiro Chino / Getty
  • Bryn and Jason fell into the water and had to strip down to their underwear to warm up.
  • Bryn and Jason kissed, but then realized that they were both gay and felt guilty.
  • Bryn and Jason had a fight and ended up hitting each other.
  • Bryn and Jason did something else that is so embarrassing that they can't talk about it.

"Ultimately, it's up to each individual fan to decide what they think happened on the boat trip. The mystery is part of what makes it so funny and memorable."

Well, there you have it. Even the colossal brain power of artificial intelligence admits that we will never know for certain what happened on the infamous fishing trip.

My personal favourite has to be the final option that there is something unrelated which is simply too embarrassing to even contemplate. We've all been there.

Surely the most important part of the whole thing is that Bryn and Jason were ultimately able to put it behind them.

Of course, Bryn himself would be fascinated by AI.

"I tell you what Gavin, they have artificial intelligence these days, and you can ask it anything you like. Whatever will they think of next!"

Featured Image Credit: Davis Entertainment BBC

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