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Fans speculating that The Simpsons actually predicted the Hawk Tuah girl

Fans speculating that The Simpsons actually predicted the Hawk Tuah girl

The Simpsons episode aired back in the 90s and some think it predicted the Hawk Tuah girl's viral fame

There's been yet another twist in the tale of the 'Hawk Tuah' girl - who folks now believe was prophesied in a 30-year-old Simpsons episode.

Actually known as Haliey Welch, the woman has pretty much coined her own explicit catchphrase – so no, this isn’t a story about some rare breed of bird.

Having now already launched her own line of merch, she had her moment of fame after YouTubers Tim and Dee TV interviewed her on the streets of Nashville, Tennessee.

Now known as 'Hawk Tuah Girl'. (YouTube/Tim and Dee TV)
Now known as 'Hawk Tuah Girl'. (YouTube/Tim and Dee TV)

The creator duo were asking her a couple of sex and relationship-esque questions including: “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?”

And Haliey clearly isn’t one to gatekeep, as she boldly gave the guys a quick demo, complete with sound effects.

“You gotta give ‘em that ‘hawk tuah’,” she said, “and spit on that thing!”

A star was born, June 2024 version. Obviously the clip quickly went viral on social media and rumours even spiralled that she’d lost her day job because of it.

But other X users were more focused on the idea that Hailey’s Hawk Tuah technique is similar to something that happened in a scene from a Season 4 episode of The Simpsons.

During episode eight, titled 'New Kid on the Block', Bart develops a crush on an older girl, Laura.

Of course, things don’t exactly work out for him, but towards the end, the pair sit on the side of the pavement and she reminds him she was going to ‘tell his fortune’.

“Oh man, you’re going to be rich,” she says, analysing his palm. “There’s your mansion, there’s the tennis court.”

Laura then does her own ‘hawk tuah’, spitting on Bart’s palm as she says: “And there’s a swimming pool.”

One hell of a Hawk Tuah. (20th Television)
One hell of a Hawk Tuah. (20th Television)

Yeah, OK, so it’s a bit of a stretch to say that The Simpsons predicted the Hawk Tuah girl but some fans are riding with the joke anyway as they say they ‘did it again’.

“Simpson’s did hawk tuah decades ago,” one said.

As another echoed: “Bart falls in love after she spits on that thang… or Bart’s hand anyway.”

Of course, the show has recently already been said to have predicted the likes of a fisherman’s creepy catch, a basketball fixture and Cypress Hill playing with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Tim&DeeTV / FOX

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