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Massive debate sparked over how many claps there are in Friends theme tune

Massive debate sparked over how many claps there are in Friends theme tune

Are there four, five or six claps?

Following the heartbreaking news that beloved Friends actor Matthew Perry passed away last week, many fans of the 90s sitcom have been reminiscing about their favourite Chandler Bing moments.

And whilst rewatching the nostalgic comedy series, viewers have also opened up a debate regarding how many claps can be heard in the iconic theme-tune.

Aside from the legendary five-man Friends cast - which consisted of Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt le Blanc, David Schwimmer and the late great Matthew Perry - a big favourite aspect of the long-running series was the soundtrack.

'I'll Be There For You' was a number one hit by The Rembrandts, and has been a karaoke staple since its release, but there is a long-standing question about how many claps can be heard following the first line.

After the words, 'So no one told you life was gonna be this way', a series of claps can be heard, but are there four or five?

How many claps are there in the Friends theme?
Warner Bros.

Well, as a contestant on The Wheel discovered not so long ago, it's not as easy to suss the correct answer as you might think.

In a clip from the quiz show, the contestant and celebrity baker John Whaite are asked that very question.

They're offered a multiple choice of three, four, five, or six claps - and they really do struggle.

I mean, I for one was certain it was about 12, which is, err, a touch off.

Trying to work it out, the pair attempt to sing a bit of the song and do the claps themselves. Seems like a pretty solid approach tbf.

At first, though, Whaite really wasn't happy with his partner's timing, telling him: "Oh no, you are out of sync, mate."

The question was posed on The Wheel recently.

Host Michael McIntyre then interjects, asking: "Do you think both of you clapping over one another is the best way to handle this?" I mean, he has a point.

So instead they take it in turns, with Whaite going first.

"So no one told you life was gonna be this way... clap, clap, clap, clap," the cook says.

The pair then have a little back and forth, with the contestant thinking it's five claps and Whaite pretty certain it's four, saying people often think it's five but it's not.

But in the end, he goes with Whaite's advice, locking in four. Final answer.

And after a bit of a wait, it turns out he was right to do so, as that was the correct answer.

The five main stars of Friends.
NBC / Contributor / Getty Images

Whaite can rest easy in the knowledge that he is a true Friends stan.

The same cannot be said for people watching back at home, though, many of whom thought it was way more than four.

"I would have put money on it being five," said one person.

Another commented: "Not me thinking it's eight."

"Hahahah, I thought it was six," admitted a third.

While someone else added: "Definitely four."

So there you have it, no excuse for getting it wrong now.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: CBS

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