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ITV psychological thriller with ‘next James Bond’ is best crime series viewers have watched ‘in years’

ITV psychological thriller with ‘next James Bond’ is best crime series viewers have watched ‘in years’

The psychological thriller received rave reviews, and is full of twists

Finding a great TV show can be beyond hard nowadays.

In an age of Netflix having about new dating shows every week somehow featuring the same cast every time and Amazon Prime seemingly releasing a new ‘X-rated superhero show’ every six months – it can be overwhelming to pick one to watch.

Sometimes the best way to cut through this is to find the key things that work.

For some people that will be Amazon’s X-Rated superhero shows, or Netflix’s countless dating shows involving Harry Jowsey – but for others, there is one thing that can’t be beaten.

We tease, but we all love The Boys and Invincible really.
Prime Video

A good ITV psychological thriller.

Few things can beat this, and so you almost always know you’re in safe hands with one.

Add to that the fact it’s lead is one of the frontrunners for the title of being the next James Bond, and it’s a formula for success.

Here’s a trailer for the show:

If you spent the trailer thinking … where do I recognise him from?

That right there is Aidan Turner of Poldark fame, however, in The Suspect he takes on a far more rugged and haggard appearance than many will recognise him for.

The Suspect features Turner as a psychologist, who is hired by police to help investigate the death of a woman found to have seemingly been forced to stab herself 21 times.

When he reveals she was a former patient of his – he becomes the number one suspect in her murder.

The show came out in 2022 – with The Guardian’s Lucy Mangan giving it four out of five stars in her review.

Turner stars as the titular suspect. (ITV)
Turner stars as the titular suspect. (ITV)

She said of the show: “It is all great, well-acted fun – and shaping up very satisfactorily.

“It promises to be meaty enough to justify its five-part length.

“Turner does a particularly good job of holding the two possible sides of O’Loughlin – gentle therapist to criminals, or student of them for his own nefarious purposes? – in balance.”

This is a view that was backed up by fans of the show, who loved the potential future Bond as the psychologist-cum-murder-suspect.

One fan posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) to say: “I beg of everybody to watch The Suspect on ITV. Hands down the best crime series I’ve watched for YEARS”.

Turner is joined in the cast by Fleabag star Sian Clifford. (ITV)
Turner is joined in the cast by Fleabag star Sian Clifford. (ITV)

A fan posting on the audience section of Rotten Tomatoes said: “I absolutely loved this series.

“I found the opening was galvanizing, the cinematography was really fine and I liked all the characters, thought the casting was terrific. I did not recognize Aidan Turner at first, but I loved his performance.”

Whilst new names are thrown around every week for the new Bond it feels like – Turner has been one consistently linked with the role for his performance in Poldark.

He may play coy whenever asked about it – but if you go by reports, it’s a three way fight between Aaron Taylor Johnson, Damson Idris, and Turner.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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