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Netflix viewers are loving ‘gory’ movie which is the ‘perfect film’ directed by horror icon

Netflix viewers are loving ‘gory’ movie which is the ‘perfect film’ directed by horror icon

The film is a gory horror by an icon of the genre

When it comes to the perfect film, everyone has different parameters.

Some think it’s Shawshank Redemption, some say The Godfather, whilst some viewers lean far more in the persuasion of a Cocaine Bear style movie to describe their ‘perfect film’.

Regardless, it’s about as high praise as you can give – and that’s how a new film added to Netflix last weekend is being described by viewers.

Steven Yeun appears in the film. (Universal Pictures)
Steven Yeun appears in the film. (Universal Pictures)

Shooting straight to number 3 on the charts in the UK, it was directed by Jordan Peele – the creative mind behind Get Out and Us.

He’s been described as a horror icon in the past, speedrunning his way to that title with just three films.

Jordan Peele's third film, Nope, was added to Netflix last week – and has been described as the perfect film.

Ben Travis, the deputy online editor for Empire Magazine, said: “Since NOPE has just been added to Netflix UK, I really think it’s time we considered it as perhaps Jordan Peele’s best film.

“I wasn’t sure on it at first, but multiple rewatches peel back *so* many layers. Incredibly thematically rich, and yet it also rules as simply ‘Sky Jaws’.”

If you need more reason to watch a film than ‘Sky Jaws’ we simply aren’t cut from the same cloth.

Peele’s most recent film stars Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer, with the two playing horse wranglers.

Nope has the pair trying to capture footage of a UFO – and telling you anymore than that would be difficult without spoiling.

Joined by Steven Yeun and Brandon Perea, the film is maybe Peele’s most controversial, featuring an 83 percent critic score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 69 percent audience score.

Despite this, there is one review that should have you rushing to Netflix to turn Nope on.

Perea, Palmer, and Kaluuya in Nope. (Universal Pictures)
Perea, Palmer, and Kaluuya in Nope. (Universal Pictures)

Logan Paul called the film ‘one of the worst movies [he’s] seen in a long time'.

If Logan Paul - the man behind Airplane Mode and The Thinning and who also walked out of Oppenheimer because ‘everyone’s just talking’ - hates a film, to me that’s as good a review as you can get.

Others were more impressed with the film than Paul, with one fan posting on X: “Jordan Peele's NOPE is not only a perfect horror movie but also a perfect summer movie. A masterpiece tbh!!!”

One review of the film by Ben Turner of the Pink Lens said: “A tense, gory and unsettling thrill-ride, it’s also wittily restrained, with something weirdly satisfying about the characters sparingly finally uttering the titular 'Nope!' in moments of extreme peril.”

The film is a gory sci-fi horror. (Universal Pictures)
The film is a gory sci-fi horror. (Universal Pictures)

The film is a sci-fi horror hybrid, with Peele telling CBS mornings: “First and foremost, I wanted to make a UFO horror film. And then of course it's like, where is the iconic Black UFO film?

“Whenever I feel that my favourite movie out there hasn't been made, that's the void I'm trying to fill with my films.

"It's like trying to make the film that I wish someone would make for me."

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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