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Jeremy Clarkson posts brutal criticism of Sir David Attenborough after watching his latest series

Jeremy Clarkson posts brutal criticism of Sir David Attenborough after watching his latest series

He doesn't seem to be much of a fan of Planet Earth III

While audiences have been wowed by the majesty of nature in Sir David Attenborough's Planet Earth III, it turns out that not everybody has been a fan of the legendary broadcaster's latest show.

The first episode of the show left viewers in tears after showing the devastating effect humans have had on the natural world.

However, the show's attention on the impact of climate change, and what we've done to the world around us, doesn't seem to be striking a chord with all who tune in.

For his latest column in The Sun, Jeremy Clarkson wrote that he'd been 'glued to the third series of Planet Earth', but he had a bit of an axe to grind against the show.

While he called the show's photography 'brilliant' and 'spellbinding', he was less impressed with the narration from Sir David Attenborough.

Sir David Attenborough has a new nature show on our screens.
Dave Benett/Getty Images

"There used to be a time when Sir Attenborough would tell us all about the animal he’d found," Clarkson wrote in his Sun column about why he had a bee in his proverbial bonnet.

"Where it lived. How it mated. How it built a house. How it caught food. It was fascinating.

"But now all we ever get is: 'Here’s a see-through fish with an orange stomach, and it’s future is threatened by climate change.'

"And then it’s: 'Here’s something with pointy teeth and soon it will be wiped out by global warming.'

"We know already. So please, in future, tell us about the animals, not the b****y weather."

Yes, it's Jeremy Clarkson complaining about Planet Earth III shining a light on the dangers of climate change and the impact it's having on our natural world.

Jeremy Clarkson said he'd been watching Planet Earth III 'but unlike most people, I hate it'.
Kym Illman/Getty Images

Since he can't exactly shout 'stick to nature' at Attenborough, he's instead wanting the veteran broadcaster to stick to animals.

That's unlikely to happen, however, as Sir David has taken special effort in his latest shows to demonstrate exactly how catastrophic climate change is for our world.

Climate change is real, happening and f**king s**t up all over the world, while Attenborough has been sounding a warning that we've only got one planet and it may not recover from the damage.

Sadly, at 97 years of age many of his warnings come with the message that he knows he's not going to be around for the rest of the fight against climate change.

Clarkson's views on Planet Earth III don't seem to be shared by most viewers, who have welcomed the warnings on the planet's future.

Featured Image Credit: BBC / Anthony Stanley ATPImages/Getty Images

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