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Jeremy Clarkson shows how to open bottles of cider after sending urgent warning they may explode

Katherine Sidnell

| Last updated 

Having traded in fast cars for farming, you’d be forgiven for thinking Jeremy Clarkson is living life in the slow lane.

Think again though, as the former Top Gear presenter has been showing fans how to ‘defuse’ potentially explosive bottles of cider. (Yes, you read that right.)

The batch of Hawkstone cider is a little over-fermented, meaning that those who’ve bought the motoring journalist’s brand should be a little cautious.

The former Top Gear host has shown fans how to 'defuse' the bottles. Credit: Amazon Prime
The former Top Gear host has shown fans how to 'defuse' the bottles. Credit: Amazon Prime

In his latest Instagram video, Clarkson advised fans which batches were affected and how to ‘defuse’ them before getting a refund.

Despite the safety issue though, he wasn’t beyond making a few sarcastic remarks like introducing himself as Jeremy Renner before speaking about the bad brew.

According to The Grand Tour star, you can often tell if you’ve got a ‘troublesome one’ by simply checking the lid for the code L3160.

Continuing with the demonstration, he then told fans that they would have to don gloves, goggles and a high-visibility jacket for the moment.


If you don’t have access to a science teacher's wardrobe though, we suggest you proceed with caution whilst defusing the suspect cider.

As per Clarkson’s clip, you will need to lower the cider into a tub of water before gently opening the bottle - expect some fizzing.

With the contents now safely removed, you return the cap for a refund with the Clarkson’s Farm host joking that his co-star, Caleb Cooper, would personally organise this.

He then added: “You can mark the envelope you royal imbecile, why don’t you stick to tractor driving?”

Clarkson Farm is set to be filming until October. Credit: Amazon Prime
Clarkson Farm is set to be filming until October. Credit: Amazon Prime

The former Top Gear host was similarly self-deprecating when he first announced the product recall on July 21.

Taking to Twitter, he told fans: "There’s been a massive c*ck up and as a result, there’s a very slim chance, some of our Hawkstone CIDER bottles might, there’s no easy way of saying this, explode.

"If the cap has the code L3160, open it underwater, pour it away and get in touch for a refund. [email protected].”


"Really sorry about this but on the upside, the beer is fine and still delicious. As is the cider, in bottles that are unaffected. Which is almost all of them."

It is not the first time that the new farmer has gotten himself into trouble, with things regularly taking a turn for the whilst filming on Diddly Squat Farm.

Sadly, Clarkson’s Farm fans won’t be getting an update any time soon with a fourth series not yet being confirmed.

Hopefully, by the time we find out, the cider issue will be sorted by then.

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Katherine Sidnell
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