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Second season of 'brutal' Irish crime drama with perfect Rotten Tomatoes score is landing on Netflix in just weeks

Second season of 'brutal' Irish crime drama with perfect Rotten Tomatoes score is landing on Netflix in just weeks

Who doesn't love a gritty crime drama?

Ever since Peaky Blinders burst onto the scene over a decade ago it has felt like the gangland genre has been undergoing a renaissance on streaming sites.

It doesn't seem like there's an end in sight to the brutal shows either, with Netflix set to drop the second season a series that's been called the greatest Irish TV show ever.

The gangland drama has an insanely stacked cast. (RTE)
The gangland drama has an insanely stacked cast. (RTE)

The show boasts of a stellar cast, starring Game of Thrones' Aidan Gillen alongside Emmett J. Scanlan, Charlie Cox, Clare Dunne and Sam Keeley as a Dublin family embroiled in the capital's drug underworld.

Academy Award nominee Ciarán Hinds, Francis Magee and Maria Doyle Kennedy also star on the show, with the stacked cast reason alone another reason to tune in.

If you haven't guessed the series already, we're talking about Kin, with the show receiving absolute rave reviews from fans.

Kin follows a fictional crime family called the Kinsella's, who have found themselves increasingly at odds with the drug cartels moving into Dublin while also trying to maintain their bond as a family.

Fans are convinced it's inspired by a real-life bloody feud between two Irish crime families.

The first season originally dropped on Irish broadcaster RTE in September 2021, with the second season following in March 2023.

Season two is now set to land on Netflix on 1 July, so fans only have weeks to wait.

Kin has received high praise from TV critics as well, with the show enjoying a score of 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Kin has an insanely stacked cast. (RTE)
Kin has an insanely stacked cast. (RTE)

If you break the reaction down by season the show looks even more impressive, with season one receiving the rare honour of an unblemished 100 percent score.

However that's not to say that season two is at all bad, with the latest eight episodes currently sitting on a stellar 88 percent.

In their reactions to the second season, The Times referred to Kin as 'oddly gripping' while the Irish Independent branded it 'the best Irish drama series in years'.

However it's worth noting that viewers have rated this season better than its predecessor, with audiences giving it a response of 100 percent.

"Even better than the first series," one person wrote, while several others shared their hopes the show would be renewed for a third outing.

Francis Magee in Kin. (RTE)
Francis Magee in Kin. (RTE)

But if a few weeks sounds like too long to wait before finding out what happens next in the saga of the Kinsellas, then you'll be pleased to know that the latest eight episodes are also available to watch on BBC iPlayer - with both seasons arriving as a boxset in February this year.

Hopefully it will fill the void until the highly anticipated Peaky Blinders movie finally lands on our screens.

Featured Image Credit: RTE

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