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Lowest valued company in Dragon's Den history secures investment from all five tycoons in show first

Lowest valued company in Dragon's Den history secures investment from all five tycoons in show first

The company made Dragon's Den history in unique fashion

The lowest valued company in Dragon's Den history walked through the doors last night and left with a five-way investment for the first time ever.

The highly-watched BBC TV series is back in the news, but for all the right reasons this time after the BBC recently pulled an episode for safety reasons.

During last night's episode, there was firstly some uproar from fans after a couple walked away from an investment of £240,000 for 33 percent of their hairbrush company.

Later on in the episode though, one business received offers from all five dragons and accepted the offer in a more positive turnout for the episode.

Simon and Charlene Mitchell-Hood came onto the show as founders of Sooper Books, which they modestly valued at just £100.

The book streaming company offers audiobooks and stories to its subscribers for free or for a lowly subscription.

Sooper Books walked away with a five-way investment from the Dragons.

The founders said that they began this business venture together because of their daughter Goldie.

In a truly heartfelt moment on Dragon's Den, the couple asked for an investment of just £1 for 1 percent of the business.

All five of the sometimes brutal Dragons were instantly on board with the idea, however, as Peter asked if the other four Dragons could join him for a discussion before making a decision.

The Dragons then presented an offer of £1 each to invest in Sooper Books, with a combined amount of £5.

Mother Charlene then became emotional, tearing up and saying: "We would love to accept your offer."

Fans at home were not as impressed with the stunt though, with one saying: "Funny how the camera is eavesdropping the dragons through the window, scripted much or what?"

Another commented: "The f**k was that? Why doesn't everybody just do that from now on? Makes a bit of a mockery of the whole show."

The Dragons all agreed to invest in a joint £5 investment to Sooper Books.

However, some people saw the light side of things, as a third commented: "They were gonna counter with 1 percent more and more money".

Despite what you may think though, it was a good message to send out to the public as the Dragons all invested in a family-owned business that was created for good and not for profit.

It definitely helps to clear up some of the mess caused by last week's debacle.

After airing an episode where a Dragon invested in a supposed aid/cure for M.E (myalgic encephalomyelitis), an angry letter from a charity forced the BBC to pull the episode completely.

But they have since reposted it with a disclaimer at the start.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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