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People in stitches at Luke Littler’s reaction to Millie Bobby Brown saying she likes him

People in stitches at Luke Littler’s reaction to Millie Bobby Brown saying she likes him

He had an interesting reaction to the situation

Luke Littler had a fantastic reaction when he was told by Millie Bobby Brown herself that she's a 'huge fan' of him.

The darts player had previously gone viral for his mature look despite being just 16-years-old at the time - and it turns out that he's not bad at the sport either.

Littler appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show alongside Millie Bobby Brown, Liam Gallagher, John Squire, Rob Beckett and Raye to top off a star-studded guest list for last night's (9 March) show.

The now 17-year-old played a short round of darts against some of the other guests, managing to beat the combined score of 83 between Brown, Beckett and Raye by scoring an impressive 140.

Not a surprising result then.

But a different moment seemed to evoke reactions from viewers of last night's show involving the Warrington-based teenager and the 20-year-old Millie Bobby Brown.

In fact, the Stranger Things star admitted that she was a fan of him - to which Littler seemingly didn't have much of a reaction to.

Brown admitted that she was a fan of the sports star.

Viewers loved his nonchalant reaction, taking to X (formerly Twitter) to share their thoughts.

One user commented: "Millie Bobby Brown being a Luke Littler fan was not on my 2024 bingo card"

Another said: "Millie Bobby Brown admitting she’s a huge fan of Luke Littler,

"He didn’t even seem arsed, must have had stranger things happen I guess".

A third also put: "Millie Bobby Brown saying she’s a fan of Luke Littler,

"This sport has hit new heights."

Fans also think that Brown may have spoiled the ending of her show, Stranger Things.

She confessed that she hadn’t yet read the final few scripts but she does already know what happens to Eleven.

Luke Littler, Rob Beckett, Millie Bobby Brown and Raye were on last night's Jonathan Ross Show.

Some viewers, however, reckon she might have slipped up despite having to swear secrecy on the character’s fate and the show’s plot.

One user wrote: “When Millie Bobby Brown said “I know how she, er, I know what happens to my character” about the Stranger Things final series ending, I bet the Netflix bosses were like nooooooooo!!!!”

Another highlighted Brown’s choice of words: “Millie Bobby Brown - ‘I know how my character,… like what happens to my character.’ On Jonathan Ross.

“‘How’ means dead.”

I mean, take from that what you will, but Brown seemed to have a little brief moment of panic as she tried to correct her wording.

Hey, she could have meant ‘how things turn out’ rather than ‘how she dies’…

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