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Naked Attraction host left speechless after seeing bloke with ‘world’s biggest penis’

Naked Attraction host left speechless after seeing bloke with ‘world’s biggest penis’

Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson was left stunned.

The host of Naked Attraction - who has seen a lot of d**ks in her time on the show - was left speechless after witnessing the bloke with what some thought was the ‘world’s biggest penis’.

Anna Richardson didn't know what to do with her hands or her eyes after laying eyes on the massive ding dong when it appeared right in front of her on the Channel 4 show.

Now, for those unaware, the premise is to evaluate the contestants who are willing to bare all in the name of love.

The contestants start fully clothed, as an onlooker - attempting to find a mate - can judge their prospects based on their feet, knees, genitals and chests before anything else.

But it's safe to say that even the host was shocked by this guy's d**k.

Watch below:

So, Richardson was joined by single woman and cancer survivor Adele in this particular episode, where it was revealed that she was looking for Mr Right after getting into the habit of dating 'bad boys'.

Thanks to the nature of the show, it wasn't long before Adele was presented with even more d**ks - though not of the metaphorical kind.

And one particular penis stood out more than the others thanks to its size, so Richardson was keen to know Adele's thoughts as she made reference to the colour of the box the man was standing in.

Richardson and Adele couldn't hide the reactions to the massive penis.

"What do you think of red?," she asked, clearly digging for a response about the huge schlong that had just been presented to the world.

But Adele didn't give in. Despite going on a show that's all about getting a face full of nakedness, she instead drew attention to the man's multiple tattoos.

Of course, Richardson was having none of it as she responded: "You've got the world’s biggest penis staring back at you and you’re looking at his tattoos!”

Really honing in on the massive member, she added: "We all like a big one but blimey!"

This is the face of a man who's been told he has the biggest penis in all the land.

It's an impressive achievement, to be awarded the title of 'world's biggest penis', and there's no doubt many men would love it as a compliment.

I'm sure it wouldn't be without its downsides, though.

There's a reason humans actually only have two legs - and a third would just get in the way.

Richardson revealed that what she called world's biggest penis belonged to a student named Jordan, and his intimidating size obviously wasn't enough to scare off Adele as she decided to pull him out of his box and go on a date with him.

Probably because of his tattoos, right?

Featured Image Credit: All4

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