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Netflix viewer 'couldn't sleep for a week' after 'biggest plot twist of all time' in psychological thriller series

Netflix viewer 'couldn't sleep for a week' after 'biggest plot twist of all time' in psychological thriller series

This has to be one of the most shocking twists ever

Netflix viewers have revealed the biggest plot twists they've ever come across in TV shows - and one series in particular could take home the crown.

Posting on X, one person asked: "What's a movie that had the BIGGEST PLOT TWIST EVER and it still blows your mind just thinking about it?"

Now, there's heaps of films and shows that blow our minds, but this one has to be up there with one of the most mind-boggling.

One person said they couldn't sleep after watching the show (Netflix)
One person said they couldn't sleep after watching the show (Netflix)

Admitting they 'couldn't sleep for a week' after watching, one viewer was clearly shook after bingeing a particular show.

The Netflix series, from 2021, follows the story of a single mum who enters a world of twisted mind games.

It's based on a novel by Sarah Pinborough, which was published in 2017.

Behind Her Eyes sees single mum Louise (played by Simona Brown) become entangled in an affair with her boss, a psychiatrist named David (Tom Bateman), only to become friends with his wife Adele (Eve Hewson).

All is not as it seems in David and Adele's marriage and things take a pretty dangerous and sinister turn for Louise, especially when Adele's old friend, Rob, resurfaces from the past.

And let's just say the plot twist - which takes an unexpected supernatural turn - will have you absolutely floored.

Unlike other shows where some storylines can be easily predicted, one fan said that they ‘didn’t see any of it coming’.

Meanwhile, a number of other people took to X admitting that the series was 'underrated' when it first came out.

One person said: "I’m surprised many people didn’t talk about it when it came out. It was really good."

While another added: "No one can tell me they saw it coming, no way!"

And a third added: "I don’t get shook easily from shows/movies... But this one still has me disturbed lol."

People couldn't get over the ending (Netflix)
People couldn't get over the ending (Netflix)

Another person said it had one of the 'coldest endings' they'd ever seen, whereas one admitted it 'really got to them' and was 'in their head' for a good while afterwards.

“The first series really got to me and was in my head for some time," they wrote.

“The most difficult part is, having watched it and then you try to explain it to someone else.”

Behind Her Eyes.. One of the best plot twist ever,” said another.

The series consists of six, 50-minute episodes and it's available to binge on Netflix now.

Behind Her Eyes ending explained

If you're not afraid of spoilers, we'll do our best to explain the absolutely bizarre twist ending of Behind Her Eyes.

So it turns out Adele is skilled in astral projecting (yes, really), and can literally make her soul leave her body.

Simona Brown in Behind Her Eyes (Netflix)
Simona Brown in Behind Her Eyes (Netflix)

When Louise betrays Adele once and for all and tries to steal David for herself, Adele overdoses on heroine and sets her house on fire.

Louise - now trained in the ways of astral projection by Adele - tries to save Adele, and flies into the house as a disembodied spirit when she can't get in physically.

But crafty Adele nips into Louise's body while she's out and takes possession of it, leaving Louse trapped in Adele's comatose body to die in the fire.

But in another twist - it turns out Adele had previously taught a guy she met at rehab called Rob to astral project, and he repaid the favour by nicking her body, so we've actually been watching Rob in Adele's body this whole time

See, told you it was mad.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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