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Man is asked ‘one of hardest questions ever’ on 1% Club and gets it spot on

Man is asked ‘one of hardest questions ever’ on 1% Club and gets it spot on

He absolutely smashed the mind-boggling question

While we might sit at home and shout random answers at our screen, we have to admit, we rarely get the trickiest of quiz show questions right.

But a bloke who was asked ‘one of the hardest questions ever’ on The 1% Club got it spot on.

The Australian version of the popular ITV show with Lee Mack has the same formula: 100 contestants are put the test using their common sense, logic and intelligence.

And any of them who correctly answer a question that only one percent of the nation got correct wins a share of up to $100,000AUD (£53,553).

Well, brace yourself, it's definitely a whole lot more than your average brain teaser:

Host Jim Jefferies asked Michael the highly anticipated one percent question: "If January equals 717, March equals 5315 and June equals 4624, then what does August equal?

"You have 30 seconds to answer, your time starts now."

I think it's fair to say I'm one of many who doesn't even understand the question - let alone know the answer...

As the clock ticked down, Jeffries reminded the contestant that he only had '15 seconds' left and then warned him when he was at the heart-racing 'five seconds' mark.

After time finally ran out, the host told him: "Okay, your time is up!

"It looked like it went down to the wire there, Michael, you were typing right to the last second."

He luckily changed his answer at the very last second.
Channel 7

Michael responded: "Yeah, I changed my answer too."

Jeffries then asked the contestant if he was happy with his last-minute answer change to which he said: "I hope so."

Drumroll please...

Michael revealed his 1% Club answer was '6848' before the host asked him what his previous answer was, which had been '686'.

"Well," Jeffries began, "for a $100,000, the answer is..." before a huge '6848' flashed on to the game show screen.

As the audience burst into applause, he continued: "Congratulations, Michael!

"You have won $100,000 - welcome to the 1% Club!"

The contestant answered the $100,000 question bang-on.
Channel 7

For all of us who hadn't a clue about how Michael came to that answer, the host explained the method behind it.

He revealed: "They are letters in the month's name, month's position in the calendar and then the last two digits multiplied.

"August has six letters. It is the eighth month and six times eight is 48."

The impressive performance has since made its rounds on social media, with one TikTok user admitting: "It took me almost 10 minutes to get it, took me so long to come up with just multiplying the numbers.

"I could never do this under pressure in 30 seconds."

Us neither.

A second joked: "I'm in the zero % club because I've got zero chance of answering that."

"Wow, impressive," echoed a third. "I did not get that one."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 7

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