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Matt Hancock was ‘p**sed off’ after being called rude name on SAS: Who Dares Wins

Matt Hancock was ‘p**sed off’ after being called rude name on SAS: Who Dares Wins

The former Health Secretary was not happy with the nickname he was given on the Channel 4 show

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock has revealed he got 'p**sed off' as SAS: Who Dares Wins staff gave him an unfortunate nickname.

I'm confident you don't need me to tell you where to find the 'funny' part of Hancock's name - chances are anyone over the age of 10 will spot it immediately, and the staff on Channel 4's intense reality show were no different.

The politician stars in the latest celebrity series of the show which is set to air on 26 September, but it wasn't only tough physical challenges that he had to face.

In an interview ahead of the series' release, Hancock revealed that staff on the show took it upon themselves to throw some playground insults his way, specifically relating to his last name.

Now, let's be honest, there's a lot that could be done with the word 'Hancock'. But interestingly, the staff decided to forego the last syllable altogether, and instead swap it out for another crude reference.

Matt Hancock took on the challenge in North Vietnam.
Channel 4

On the show, Hancock became 'Matt Handj*b'.

It's not the best nickname to have, and the politician didn't take it lightly.

He commented: “They were pretty rude. Calling me names, taking the p** out of my surname, and God, it p***ed me off.

“But everybody has a view of me, and I’d rather people had a view of me as I really am.

"So with all my flaws on the show, when you’re under massive physical strain and you’ve been woken up in the middle of the night, you can’t hide.

“To make something like this work, you’ve just got to go all in. I went in as a politician and I came out as a human being.”

Hancock's appearance on SAS: Who Dares Wins comes after he previously appeared on ITV's I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here to take on a whole other set of challenges.

Hancock was not happy with his nickname.
Channel 4

Even after facing all manner of creepy crawlies in the jungle, Hancock has said SAS: Who Dares Wins was one of the 'toughest' things he's ever done.

Being forced to survive this time in the jungle of Thung Ui in North Vietnam, Hancock said: “Being on SAS was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. It’s one of the toughest physical and mental things I’ve ever done. It really opens your eyes and makes you look into yourself.

"After coming through the most challenging period as health secretary during the pandemic, I wanted to push my limits. It’s safe to say the course tested my resilience."

SAS: Who Dares Wins will air on Channel 4 on 26 September at 9.30pm.

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Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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