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Disney+ crime series that fans think is 'even better' than Top Boy

Disney+ crime series that fans think is 'even better' than Top Boy

This could be one for your binge list if you're missing Dushane and Sully

It’s nearly been a month, but we’re still not over it. The launch of season three in September saw the end of Top Boy as we know it.

And after binging the final episodes of the Netflix series, we’re left with a Dushane and Sully shaped hole in our hearts.

But a crime drama which is available to watch on both Disney+ and BBC iPlayer is said to be ‘even better’ than Top Boy.

Snowfall is an American series based during the rise of crack cocaine in Los Angeles in the 1980s.

First released in 2017 before its season six finale earlier this year, the FX show is created by Eric Amadio, John Singleton and Dave Andron.

It features Damson Idris, Carter Hudson, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Isaiah John and Angela Lewis.

Rated 16+ on Disney+, the series’ synopsis includes: “In Snowfall, everyone is working toward their ultimate goals of money, power, and influence in Los Angeles.”

Snowfall follows the rise of crack cocaine in the 80s.

The series is described to follow a variety of characters on a ‘violent collision course’. This includes: “Franklin Saint, a young street entrepreneur on a quest for power; Gustavo 'El Oso' Zapata, a Mexican wrestler caught up in a power struggle within a crime family; Teddy McDonald, a CIA operative running from a dark past who begins an off-book operation to fund the Nicaraguan Contras; and Lucia Villanueva, the self-possessed daughter of a Mexican crime lord.”

Sounds pretty much like an American alternative to Top Boy to be fair.

And for people on Facebook asking for ‘something like’ the London-based drug gang drama, Snowfall is recommended by many fans.

Agreed with by many, one even said the show ‘even better than Top Boy’.

Plenty have called it ‘brilliant’ and ‘a beast’.

Snowfall is available on Disney+ and BBC iPlayer.

One put: “WHAT A SHOW,” while another said they ‘couldn’t stop’ watching it.

A third commented: “It is so good underrated and excellent acting,” as another labelled it a ‘hidden gem’.

One fan even said: “Rivals the tops shows ever…”

While another agreed: “It will keep you wanting to watch more.”

Over on Rotten Tomatoes, Snowfall has also been an absolute hit.

The American series has a mega 90 percent average Tomatometer rating and an impressive 91 percent average audience score.

Fans also praised Top Boy as ‘good for getting into shows like’ the FX series.

Seasons one to five of Snowfall are currently streaming on Disney+ with BBC iPlayer streaming the entire series.

Featured Image Credit: Disney+/Netflix

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