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Squid Game Player 432 responds to backlash as furious viewers call him a 'bully'

Squid Game Player 432 responds to backlash as furious viewers call him a 'bully'

He ended up being one of the major personalities of the first few episodes

In the early episodes of Squid Game: The Challenge there are a few players who you get to know a little more about besides their number.

Of course, the nature of the games means anyone can be eliminated at any time so you can never get too attached, but some big personalities who make it through multiple rounds can't help but stick out.

Viewers felt sorry for Spencer, player number 299, after he was left with no choice but to pick the umbrella shape for the second game.

They couldn't help but feel sorry for him being forced to pick the toughest test, and didn't like that some of the other players weren't nice to him about it.

It's the challenge involved with 'making an unscripted version of a scripted show', as the viewers will be far more engaged with what's going on if they're rooting for some of the faces in the crowd.

Some viewers called Bryton a 'bully'.

However, some players were very much not being rooted for by the viewers, and the one who some Squid Game: The Challenge viewers branded a 'bully' has spoken out.

If you've been watching the show then it'll have been almost impossible to miss player 432, Bryton.

He cuts an athletic figure in the early stages of the game, capably tackling the first round of Red Light, Green Light before attracting the ire of viewers for his confrontations with a couple of contestants.

He didn't have much sympathy for Spencer, but the real drama came between Bryton and player 198, Husnain Asif, after he was called a 'frat boy' and reacted.

Speaking to Primetimer, Bryton said he suspected he was going to be made out as a 'villain' and didn't think that word was the right description for him.

"I know my personality isn't that easy to like, especially in an environment like that," he said of his portrayal on Squid Game: The Challenge.

Player 432 had some viewers very unhappy.

"I am who I am, and I will always be outspoken. I've been that way since I was a kid... I know a lot of the time I can come across as demanding or rude or this, that, whatever, and that's something I have to work on. It's not my message, it's my delivery that I know I have to work on.

"Them calling me a villain, I kind of knew it was going to happen, so I wasn't that surprised. I wasn't hurt by it. It didn't really affect me because I already knew it was going to happen."

Fortunately it wasn't all fraught relationships behind the scenes as there were some friendships forged in between trying not to get eliminated.

Player 161, Lorenzo, told LADbible that he made some true friends while filming the show and his trick was to 'just focus on people I vibe with the most'.

He admitted that when he first went into Squid Game: The Challenge, it was a bit 'overwhelming' at first, but the time between the games soon became 'like a playground for me' because he got to meet so many people.

Squid Game: The Challenge is available to stream now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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