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People can’t get over brutal ‘worst ever start’ on Take Me Out

People can’t get over brutal ‘worst ever start’ on Take Me Out

At least he had the courage to put himself out there

A contestant on the classic dating show Take Me Out had one of the worst ever starts and people can't help but feel sorry for him.

In case you need your memory refreshing, Take Me Out was a dating show where a bloke would step out into a room of 30 women and try to convince them to date him.

From the moment he stepped out every woman would have the chance to turn the guy down by turning off her light, or as host Paddy McGuinness would say, 'no like-y, no light-y'.

The bloke would have videos of himself and his friends talking about him played to the studio, while he might also perform a special talent in the hopes of impressing them.

If he made it to the end and there were still some women with their lights on he'd get to pick who went on a date with him by turning off all but one of the remaining lights.

Whyte took the plunge and put himself out there on Take Me Out.

The bloke and his lady would then head off on a date to 'the Isle of Fernando's', which was actually Puerto de la Cruz on the northern coast of Tenerife.

Sorry gang, Fernando's isn't actually a real island, but it did lend itself well to the pun 'for-a-Nando's' at a Take Me Out event my old university once put on, so there is that.

Anyhow, the biggest nightmare a bloke could have on Take Me Out is stepping into the studio and immediately be met with light after light being turned out.




That was the unfortunate fate for one Whyte Richardson, who went on Take Me Out decked out in a white suit and long, blonde hair that would make Lucius Malfoy jealous.

Sadly of the 30 women lined up to judge him, 25 turned their lights off right after Whyte introduced himself, prompting Paddy to quip that there were 'still five girls with their lights on'.

He only had five lights out of 30 left on after introducing himself.

It was a pretty brutal moment, but people praised Whyte for at least having the courage to put himself out there and go on the show.

One said 'fair play to him' and admitted that they 'could never humble myself by going on that show'.

A second called him a 'champion' and praised him as 'he put himself out there', while a third thought he did well to take so many of the lights going off 'in good spirits'.

Someone else said 'producers are cold for this' and several others also commented that those making the show would likely have known what kind of reaction Whyte was going to get.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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