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People can’t get over 'worst ever answer' given on The Chase

People can’t get over 'worst ever answer' given on The Chase

The answer was so obvious, but his mind just went blank

Anyone who's ever done any quizzing will know the pain of fluffing an answer you really should have known, but few will know the pain of doing it on national television.

That's the payoff with going on a quiz show, you could win an absolute fortune but there's every chance you say the wrong thing and look a little bit foolish in the mix.

Sadly that's what happened to The Chase contestant Jacob when he appeared on the ever-popular quiz show.

He was doing his cash builder round (£1,000 in your potential prize pot for every right answer in 60 seconds) but had the misfortune to mess up on his first question.

Even worse, it was the type of question that leaves someone kicking themselves over how they could have got it wrong.

The Chase host Bradley Walsh asked Jacob: "The YouTube channel Big Jet TV live streams footage of what vehicles landing?"

The face of a man who knows the telly-watching public saw him mess up.

Unfortunately for Jacob, it appears as though his brain seized upon the word 'jet' as he answered 'jet skis' and was promptly told he'd got it wrong.

All in all it was a bit of a disaster for the guy, though in the grand scheme of things it didn't matter as he didn't walk away from The Chase with any money.

While Jacob's answer has been branded the 'worst ever' by some The Chase fans it is a show that's pretty notorious for having ridiculous moments.

Some of the questions seem designed to break Bradley Walsh, though sometimes the contestants do a fine job of that without the question writer's help.

Even worse than fluffing an answer on TV is the chaser's judgment, and also the lost chance to win loads of money.

One contestant who didn't get a single question correct in her cash builder had Walsh walking off in disbelief after she was given a higher offer of £40,000 and actually won, though The Vixen caught her in the final chase.

The Australian version of the show had a golden moment where a moon landing denier was asked to name the first man on the moon and got it right.

Then there was the bloke who said 'pass' during his cash builder and it turned out to be the right answer.

Audiences have spent years enjoying the cast of chasers on the show now, though they probably shouldn't hope for any new additions as according to Anne Hegerty and Mark Labbett six is quite enough.

More chasers would mean they get fewer shows to work on each series and get paid less, though The Beast admitted they do make pretty decent money off Beat the Chasers.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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