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Inbetweeners star's students recognised her as 'Neil's sister' when she took up teaching job after show

Inbetweeners star's students recognised her as 'Neil's sister' when she took up teaching job after show

Bet they couldn't believe it

Once you hit the big time, it's pretty much par for the course that you're gonna get recognised by people.

I mean, some actors can't step one foot outside their homes without being chased by paps or hounded by autograph hunters.

But while that's kind of expected, usually celebs aren't in the middle of their day job when they get spotted.

Well, that's exactly what happened to Kacey Clarke when she was working a shift as a teacher. You may remember her for playing Neil's sister in The Inbetweeners.

Despite starring in one of the biggest sitcoms of all time, the 35-year-old was also working as a supply teacher.

And while covering for one class, Clarke said she was recognised by a few of her students.

"Even though I was only in a couple of episodes my character became iconic because the show is iconic so people always remember it," she said back in 2016.

"The funniest experience was about four years ago when I was a substitute teacher covering for my mum's partner.

Everyone remembers Neil's sister.

"Everything was normal until one of the boys put his arm up and said 'are you Neil's sister', which was pretty funny.

"Then, of course, the whole class knew so they kept going on about it. So a lot of people do remember me from the show."

Another star plenty of lads will remember from the series is Will McKenzie's mum, who was lusted after by many a teenager back in the day.

She was dubbed 'TV's fittest mum' as her character Polly left such a lasting impression on viewers of the beloved sitcom.

But Belinda isn't that appreciative of how some people go about trying to get her attention - especially in the form of unsolicited d**k pics.

The IT Crowd star had a few choice words for one bloke who slid into her DMs with a message accompanied by a 'horrifying' image.

Belinda was dubbed 'TV's fittest mum' by fans of The Inbetweeners.

During an appearance on the Secret Artists with Annie McGrath podcast, she explained that although she appreciates the undying adoration, she isn't a fan of some 'very rude' approaches people take to getting her attention.

Belinda said 'of course' it was nice to be branded TV's fittest parent, but warding off weirdos sadly comes with the territory.

When asked how she navigates people still sliding in her DMs, the 52-year-old said: "Well, it's funny you should say that, actually. Because not long ago I had an absolutely horrifying one and I'd never had anything like that before.

"I was, well it took me back, lets say that, and it wasn't pleasant. So whoever you are out there, you know who you are - slap on the wrist, don't do that again - it's very rude."

Featured Image Credit: E4

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