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Viewers are hooked on new four-part British drama thriller airing again tonight

Viewers are hooked on new four-part British drama thriller airing again tonight

The four-part series is currently airing on Channel 5

Fans are hooked on a gripping new crime series, which is currently airing on Channel 5.

Perfect for fans who desperately waiting for the final season of Netflix showYou to drop, the 'claustrophobic' thriller focuses on how loneliness and desperation can have dangerous consequences.

Written by Nick Saltrese and directed by Diarmuid Goggins, the series will see its second episode air tonight (8 July).

Watch the trailer for the unsettling new series below:

Starring Robert Glenister, Sean Pertwee and Stephen Walters, The Night Caller is a four-part series which examines 'the power of influence those with the loudest voice have over the most vulnerable people.'

The series focuses around Tony (Glenister) a lonely 50-something man who has resolved to working as a taxi driver on the streets of Liverpool after being unfairly dismissed from his job.

Feeling vulnerable, Tony develops a desperate obsession with late night talk show host DJ Lawrence (Pertwee) as he drove around the dark streets of the city.

As Tony's obsession grows, he continues to phone into Lawrence's show every night before the two men end up in a violent altercation with each other.

"Tony is beguiled by DJ Lawrence and feels like he’s found a genuine friend in him," Glenister said of his character (via The i Paper).

Robert Glenister in The Night Caller. (Channel 5)
Robert Glenister in The Night Caller. (Channel 5)

The Night Caller has also received a positive reaction from viewers following it's series premiere last night, with fans taking to social media to call the show 'fascinating' and a 'brilliant' watch.

"Channel 5's The Night Caller great show, came across it by accident but safe to say I'm engrossed now," one person wrote, while a second commented: "Brilliant stuff from Robert Glenister and Sean Pertwee in tonight’s #TheNightCaller premiere. I can’t wait to see what’s coming up."

"What an incredibly unravelling on Night Caller. Absolutely brilliant acting by Robert Glennister. Baffled as to complaints about being slow, it’s called storytelling and perfectly done to create the ending of this 1st episode," a third penned.

The four-part series is available to stream on My5. (Channel 5)
The four-part series is available to stream on My5. (Channel 5)

Glenister has also teased what fans can expect from the rest of the series, telling fans to 'expect the unexpected' in future episodes.

"Something just flips in Tony. Lawrence’s words have got inside his head and he does something terrible that isn’t premeditated but which changes everything," he said of the series finale.

"I don’t think viewers will anticipate some of the twists in store. Expect the unexpected."

The Night Caller will air on Channel 5 at 9pm tonight (8 July). Viewers can also stream the series on My5.

Featured Image Credit: (Channel 5)

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