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People think they've already worked out who wins The Traitors after photos resurface

People think they've already worked out who wins The Traitors after photos resurface

Could they be the winner of The Traitors?

Fans of The Traitors think they already know who's won after pictures of one of the contestants surfaced on social media.

Tonight's (26 January) the final night for the brilliant BBC game show as Traitors Harry and Andrew go up against Faithful players Evie, Jaz and Mollie.

There's been a lot of drama along the way but only one team can win and it all will all come down to whether there are any Traitors left in the game when the players decide to end it.

Suspicion swirls around almost everyone at this point, except perhaps Mollie, while the keen mind of skilled sleuth Jaz could have one final play left to make before the curtain falls on season two of The Traitors.

While the players don't know who the Traitors are, those of us watching at home get to guess who might have ended up winning it and some reckon they've spotted a decisive clue on social media.

If the police are looking for a new detective they could probably get Jaz.

Quite a few of The Traitors players are on social media themselves and have had fun teasing the fans with what's to come, but pictures of one player in particular has some convinced they know who won.

Photos of Harry on what appears to be a private jet have been circulating online and made some think he must have won the show, with comments like 'private jet? Think we know who won The Traitors then' doing the rounds.

It wouldn't be much surprise if he had won as Harry has been one of the best players in The Traitors this time around, flying under the radar while more obvious Traitor Paul was caught and coming up with a clever shield-based play in recent episodes to bluff why he hadn't been murdered.

Harry has made it through to the final as one of the most popular figures on the show and he seems to be flying high in the game.

Harry's tried plenty of strategies which have worked well, while attempts to topple him have largely failed.

Harry has been one of the standout performers on The Traitors, but did he go all the way and win?

Ross vowed to have revenge after Harry unknowingly bragged to his face about murdering his mum Diane, only to be banished almost immediately after becoming a Traitor.

If Harry's luck held throughout the show then he's probably the winner, but for those getting excited about some pictures it's best to hold your horses.

These snaps were taken and posted before filming for The Traitors season two, so there's no way Harry could have spent prize money he may or may not have won on that stuff.

On top of that, Harry is dating the sister of musician Conor Maynard so if you want to know who he knows that could afford a private jet there's your answer.

No, seriously, Harry from The Traitors is dating Conor Maynard's sister, the singer even tweeted about how good Harry is at playing the game.

Is he good enough to win in the end though? You'll have to watch the final to find out.

The Traitors season two concludes tonight at 9pm on BBC One, applications for season three are already open and you can try your luck here.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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