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Friday Night Dinner star makes complete mess retrieving contraband from anus on prison show

Friday Night Dinner star makes complete mess retrieving contraband from anus on prison show

He made use of his 'prison pocket' to smuggle some goods behind bars

Friday Night Dinner star Tom Rosenthal revealed that he managed to smuggle some tobacco onto reality show Banged Up by using his 'prison pocket'.

The actor and comedian is set to make his first appearance on the Channel 4 reality show, which sticks celebrities and former prisoners into a decommissioned prison, tonight (14 November).

Pretty much everyone else has headed into the prison at this point in the show but Rosenthal, who you'll know from Friday Night Dinner and Plebs, decided he'd better be prepared for his time behind bars.

In a previous episode, Tory MP Johnny Mercer was horrified by his ex-convict cellmate removing a cigarette from his backside and started smashing the window to the cell in an attempt to ventilate the smell of s**t wafting his way.

However, Rosenthal was way ahead of his fellow celebrities when it came to preparing for Banged Up and headed into HMP Shrewsbury armed with some valuable tobacco.

As Martin from Friday Night Dinner would have said: "S**t on it!"
Channel 4

In a clip shared with Metro, the Friday Night Dinner star was shown lying to prison guards about having the tobacco before... extracting it in his cell toilet.

After some effort, and a certain loss of dignity, Rosenthal was able to pluck a condom stuffed with tobacco from his anus.

However, he wasn't able to do this without ending up with a hand that had, as his Friday Night Dinner co-star Paul Ritter was so famous of saying, 's**t on it'.

Rosenthal appeared on The Capital Breakfast Show with Roman Kemp to explain just why he'd decided to smuggle the tobacco up his 'prison pocket' and stress that he didn't want his family to see the moment of extraction.

He said: "I take everything too seriously.

"Ultimately, yes, because in prison, tobacco is like a currency and I utilised my prison pocket to get a bit of tobacco in.

The face of a man who knows that tonight his parents will see him pull tobacco from his anus.
The Capital Breakfast Show with Roman Kemp

"I managed to trade it for a PlayStation, I spent quite a lot of Banged Up playing Pokémon on the PlayStation to be fair but yes, on television there is going to be something awful happening which I do not want my family to witness."

Despite admitting there was a 'constant layer of tension' while filming Banged Up, Rosenthal said it was 'the funniest environment you can be in' and he overall 'had a great time', though by his own admittance he did spend much of it on a PlayStation.

LADbible previously spoke to former Gogglebox star Marcus Luther, who is also appearing on Banged Up and said he wanted to be on the show to see what prison was really like.

Luther explained that the worst part of the show was the bullying and described his time on the show as 'quite a bit of a nightmare'.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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