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When you'll be able to watch Ted series 'as good as prime Family Guy' in the UK

When you'll be able to watch Ted series 'as good as prime Family Guy' in the UK

UK fans are desperate to have a watch of Seth MacFarlane's latest show which has already received rave reviews Stateside

If you still haven't had enough of that foul-mouthed bear who's partial to puffing a joint and downing a few beers, you'll be elated to find out that Seth MacFarlane hasn't either.

The legendary actor and animator, 50, is bringing fans of the brazen teddy another instalment of his hilarious storyline, but this time in the form of a Ted TV series.

MacFarlane, the bloke who created Family Guy, admitted he felt he was 'treading into uncharted territory' when navigating how to take the film series to the small screen, but fans reckon his latest project is up there with some of his best work.

Take a look at the trailer here:

The first instalment of the Ted franchise was released back in 2012, starring Mark Wahlberg, which earned an army of fans and rave reviews at the box office, as it became one of the highest-grossing films of the year.

I'm sure most people are already aware, but basically, the plot follows John Bennett (Wahlberg) on his journey through adulthood with his beloved talking teddy bear by his side.

He made a wish as a kid that his cuddly toy would come alive - but I bet he didn't expect Ted to still be traipsing around after him 30 years later and causing chaos in his relationship with Lori (Mila Kunis).

MacFarlane followed up with a Ted sequel in 2015, which didn't hit the mark quite as well but did manage to prove that fans still had an appetite for the characters.

Nearly a decade on, loyal viewers are being treated to a prequel which helps explain the backstory of John Bennett and his talking teddy a bit more.

Ted the TV series will be landing in the UK shortly.

The synopsis for the Ted TV series, which is already airing on Peacock Original in the US, reads: "It's 1993, and Ted the bear's moment of fame has passed.

"He's living back home with his best friend, John Bennett, and his family. While Ted may be a lousy influence on John, he's a loyal pal who will go out on a limb for friendship."

It landed on the streaming platform in the US on 11 January and UK fans have been left wondering when they will get access to the new comedy series that has been compared to the early days of Family Guy.

And the good news is, it isn't that far away.

The new show takes us back in time to look at John Bennett and his bear's origin story.

Ted will be airing exclusively in the UK on Sky Max and NOW, so those who have a Sky Entertainment package are already good to go - they just need to make sure the popcorn is on standby.

Brits will be able to binge watch the series from 9 February, according to the Sky website.

People have already started buzzing about it on social media, proving that MacFarlane was right on the nose and that fans are still hungry for more Ted.

After just three days, the show was able to clinch the spot of Peacock's most watched original series.

There is no official confirmation about a second season for the show but MacFarlane hasn’t ruled it out if there is enough appetite from fans.

He told The Wrap: "I think we felt after Ted 2 that maybe the appetite for Ted in that forum was not quite as ravenous as it was after the first movie. So I don’t know, there would have to be a reason to do it.

"There has to be an audience for something like this. You don’t want to just keep rehashing the same character if no one’s watching. I guess there’s a lot of that today anyway, but it’s not really our first order of business, there really has to be an appetite.”

Showrunner Brad Walsh admitted they were 'certainly open to it' - so if all goes well, we could have a lot more Ted time to enjoy.

Featured Image Credit: Peacock

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