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Two-Minute Clip Is Being Called The Greatest Two Minutes Of British TV Viewers Have Ever Seen

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

Two-Minute Clip Is Being Called The Greatest Two Minutes Of British TV Viewers Have Ever Seen

A two-minute clip is being hailed the 'greatest two minutes' of British television ever after resurfacing online this week. Watch below to see if you agree:


Street Crime UK was a reality TV series that originally aired on Bravo between 2002 and 2005, before reruns were shown on Sky One and Pick TV. 

It explored the work of police in various parts of the UK as they responded to responded to 999 calls or carried out arrests – as a group of officers had to do on the streets of Scarborough during one episode. 

In the clip, a man is approached by police in Scarborough for having ‘alcohol in the street’, but things escalate in ways that no one could expect. 

Credit: Pick TV
Credit: Pick TV

An officer tells the man: “You've got alcohol in the street. You've got an open bottle in the street. You shouldn't have it.” 

The man then replies sarcastically: “Well, that's a serious, mega crime innit? I'm a major crime... 

The police offer cuts in: “Right now, it is, yeah. Well, if you play cards right, all you need to do is give me your name.” 

However, our little troublemaker decides he isn’t going to go easily. 

Instead of simply offering up his name and address to the police, he asks: “Not being funny, but what the f**k are you pulling me for?” 

Needless to say, this doesn’t go down too well with the officer, who warns the man he’ll be arrested if he swears one more time. 

The man promises not to do so, but then opts to take a slightly different route, saying cheekily: “I’m sorry, baldy.” 

The police officer hits back calmy: “You can call me baldy all you like, doesn't bother me.” 

The man then says: “I didn't call you baldy, baldy.” 

The officer asks again for the man’s name, but the response that comes back is simply incoherent nonsense. 

Credit: Pick TV
Credit: Pick TV

After being told once more he’d be arrested unless he provides his name and address, the man once again replies with a ridiculous answer. 

As he’s finally placed under arrest, the officer tells him: “You swore at me. I warned you. Now you won't give me your name and address.” 

After getting into the police van, the camera then pans around as officers notice ‘something strange’. 

Another man is inside a phone box, inexplicably sitting on the floor, while the narrator says: “Luckily, having a night out in the phone box isn't an arrestable offence.” 

Credit: Pick TV
Credit: Pick TV

Meanwhile, the arrested fella continues to taunt police in the van, saying: “It's not my fault he’s got no hair.” 

Pointing at another officer, he adds: “Look at him. He's not got no hair as well. He Bics his hair, because he's bald.” 

As he arrives at the station he shouts about how he was arrested ‘for nothing’, before dramatically trying to collapse onto the ground, yelling: “See what I mean? POLICE BRUTALITY!” 

Addressing the cameraman following the action, the man then says: “Makes good TV, dunnit?” 

The hilarious footage was reshared on Reddit yesterday, with the caption: “This is still the greatest 2 minutes of British tele I’ve ever seen.” 

And it seems many other users agreed, with one saying: “Every time I watch this, I laugh.” 

Another said the exchange was ‘Pythonesque’, while a fourth wrote: “The biggest plot twist ever would be if that was his actual name.” 

Someone else added: “Insults aside... what about the fella in the phone box.” 

Featured Image Credit: Pick TV

Topics: TV and Film, UK News

Jess Hardiman
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