Man On 'First Dates' Fancied His Waitress More Than His Date

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Man On 'First Dates' Fancied His Waitress More Than His Date

We're used to seeing pair-ups on First Dates that don't quite go as well as planned, but chatting up someone else while your date is happening is on another level.

That's what those watching the Channel 4 show were treated to last night, as one man took more interest in Paternoster Chop House waitress Cici Coleman than he did in his actual date. Player? Bit of an arse? You decide - take a look in the clip below.

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I suppose one of the hazards of setting a dating show for singletons in a restaurant is having waiting staff who are distractingly attractive.

Smooth lawyer Josh had been set up on a date with student Sophia as one of several couples that were paired up together on last night's episode.

The date didn't start well as the pair clashed over the age-old 'dogs or cats?' question, with Josh preferring and Sophia appreciating cats, but things still seemed promising.

While Sophia popped to the bathroom, Cici came over to the table - fair enough, she's the waitress - and asked Josh how the date was going.


Josh told Cici that a sit-down meal isn't his ideal first date activity, as he prefers to visit art galleries, also revealing that he draws portraits.

"Have you seen Titanic?" he asked the waitress, cheekily. "I'm taking a page out of Leonardo DiCaprio's book." Smooth, Josh.


Cici found Josh's hobby of sketching naked portraits amusing, blushing and saying that it was 'good to know'. She didn't lose her professionalism though, and even encouraged Sophia to put her uncertainty aside and offer Josh a second date.

However, Josh wasn't feeling it, saying: "[Sophia is] beautiful - there was loads of eye contact - but I don't think I got more than that."

So when it came to the moment where they had to say if they wanted to see each other again, Sophia got a shock.

"Yeah - I mean, yeah! Why not?" she said, totally oblivious.


Josh let her down gently, saying he 'didn't feel there was chemistry', but he did 'feel more of a connection with the waitress' because she took an interest in his art.

Sophia didn't seem to take the rejection too badly, laughing the whole situation off - she'll be a good catch for someone eventually.

Who else would be up for a one-off First Dates episode of Josh getting a chance with Cici? Be interesting to see if yet another of the latter's dates goes the way of the Titanic.

Featured Image Credit: First Dates/Channel 4

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