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Viewers say the first episode of House of the Dragon should come with a trigger warning

Rachel Lang

| Last updated 

Viewers say the first episode of House of the Dragon should come with a trigger warning



In Game of Thrones, Lady Melisandre once said 'for the night is dark and full of terrors'. Well, this story is grim and full of spoilers, so read on if you've seen episode one of House of the Dragon.

Viewers have reported shock and even panic attacks after they sat down to watch House of the Dragon due to one harrowing scene that would send a chill down the spine of even the most seasoned Game of Thrones fans.

Yep, this is about THAT scene.

Considine praised the work of co-star Sian Brooke. Credit: HBO/Sky
Considine praised the work of co-star Sian Brooke. Credit: HBO/Sky

Game of Thrones was well known for its affinity for sex, gore, and... well, more gore. But this birth scene really takes the cake.

As blood spilled during the royal tournament to mark the birth of a new prince, the Queen Aemma (Sian Brooke) was battling her way through the bloody agony of childbirth.

The crowd roars when they are told the Targaryen Queen is in the midst of bringing forth a new king, but the maesters soon summon King Viserys (Paddy Considine) to break the bad news: he must choose between the life of his unborn son and see his wife killed in front of him, or lose both.

Credit: HBO/Sky
Credit: HBO/Sky

A rather shell shocked looking birth attendant explains to King Viserys about a new procedure they are aware of at the Citadel, and goes on to explain a caesarean delivery.

Knowing Aemma would not survive, the king gives a grim nod to cut the infant from the Queen's womb, despite her being alive, awake, and fully conscious. 

Viewers were stunned as Queen Aemma is pinned down by the midwives while the king clings to her hand as she writhes in pain.

Through blood-curdling screams and blood, their son is born and it was all worth it.

Or was it? Nope, because in the brutal style of Game of Thrones, we see the Queen and a smaller, wrapped body - the baby - upon the funeral pyre.

Pretty savage.

Viewers reported panic attacks, tears, and straight up shock after witnessing the savage scene.

One viewer said: "I don't know if it’s worth saying or not but the first episode of House of the Dragon has some very graphic scenes. About had a panic attack at the whole 'holding down the queen while she’s fully conscious to cut the child out of her' thing."

A second added: "House of the Dragon should have come with a trigger warning. I had a c-section ten months ago. I did cry, I am shaking. Too much."

While a third said: "If you are pregnant and want to avoid this [difficult birth] theme DO NOT WATCH House of the Dragon."

So, yeah. Game of Thrones is back, baby. And Game of Thrones is not holding back.

Also, the rest of the first episode was full of death, sex and, um, graphic castration.

So it's really set a tone.

Featured Image Credit: HBO.

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Rachel Lang
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