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Viewers Seriously Unhappy With Long-Awaited Ozark Ending

Viewers Seriously Unhappy With Long-Awaited Ozark Ending

Critics hailed the second instalment of the series ‘some of the best event TV’ they’d seen, but some viewers felt disappointed


After the final episodes of Ozark’s fourth and last series dropped yesterday, many viewers have rattled their way through to the ending – only to feel disappointed by the way the saga concluded. 

The first half of season four was left on an epic cliff-hanger when it landed on Netflix earlier this year, and now the story has drawn to a close after the last seven episodes were added to Netflix this week. 

Before they landed, critics hailed the second instalment of the series ‘some of the best event TV’ they’d seen, with Indiewire saying the show’s ending will ‘click’ everything in place for fans and will address many unanswered questions. 

The Independent’s review said: “Perhaps, in years to come, Ozark will be looked back on without reference to Breaking Bad, but not just yet. 

Ozark's fourth and final series dropped on 29 April.

"If Marty and Ruth feel like Walter and Jesse, then they too are deserving of a blaze of glory in which to go out. 

“The result is an ending that’s unbearably tense, obliquely poignant, and some of the best event TV we’ve seen on any streaming service.” 

However, some viewers don’t feel they’ve had the closure they’ve been waiting for, saying they found the finale a ‘disappointing' ending. 

After watching the remaining episodes, one person tweeted: "Ozark ending gave us 0 closure and a million questions. Dog s**t, I didn’t expect a Breaking Bad tier ending, but man cmon dude."

Someone else said: "Ruth Langmore deserved better I can't believe this s****y ending #Ozark #OzarkSeason4."

A third added: "What a shitty cliff hanging LACKLUSTER ENDING !!! I cant believe this bulls**t man. Im convinced you did this just to piss people off so they will talk about it #Ozark I am highly disappointed in you."

A fourth wrote: "The ending of Ozark is so bad. I've been following this show since I started 5 years ago and to see it have such a s**t ending is infuriating. Can't believe that people compared it to breaking bad at one point."

Another said the finale was 'trash', saying: "What an awful s****y ending to a tv show."

If you fancy giving it a go yourself to see if you side with the gushing critics or the angry mob on Twitter, you can watch the final series of Ozark on Netflix now.

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