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Viewers left uncomfortable by mum and daughter who spend time together 'naked and in bed'

Viewers left uncomfortable by mum and daughter who spend time together 'naked and in bed'

Paula and Francia say being naked has brought them closer together

The new series of the TLC show sMothered kicked off with a bang as viewers were introduced to a mother and fully grown daughter who enjoy spending time naked and in bed together.

SMothered is all about the 'intense bonds' held by some mothers and daughters, and though some viewers might deem them unusual or uncomfortable, four series of the show proves there are a lot of close relationships out there.

The first episode of the new series saw daughter Paula, 27 and her mum Francia, 46, open up about their habits, including Paula walking around her house and interacting with her mum while naked.

She said it is normal in her Colombian culture to see family members naked, and even said nudity would form part of her 'perfect' life.

Paula and Francia have said being naked has brought them closer.

"In a perfect world, I would [spend] all the hours in the day with my mum, naked and in bed,” she said.

Paula continued: “In Colombia, for you to see each other naked in your family, it is extremely common. We’re even closer because of that.”

Francia backed her daughter's comments by claiming being naked with her is 'so natural' for her, adding: "I feel like our connection is that we are just one. I know everything about Paula. I know even when she goes to do number two.”

A description for sMothered describes how the mother and daughter believe 'there's no such thing as boundaries', adding: "They dance, party, and sleep nude together—even indulging in the occasional tickle fight. For this pairing, mother-daughter roles are reversed. While Francia’s youthful spirit makes her act like a kid, Paula shoulders the responsibility of making sure that her mother is properly fed and always has a packed lunch."

Viewers took to social media to share their thoughts on the bond after the airing of the episode introducing the pair, with many admitting the mother and daughter's closeness didn't sit right with them.

"Francia and Paula’s relationship makes me uncomfortable," one viewer wrote, while another commented: "You did it 

@TLC…after all these years and all I’ve seen on your network nothing has made me quite as physically ill as watching Paula and Francia."

A third comment read: "It's like Francia and Paula are in a romantic relationship. This is a little creepy."

Not all viewers were critical, though, with some people defending the mother and daughter and arguing it was 'their life'.

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