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Vikings superfan serves Alexander Ludwig coffee at work not knowing it's actually him

Vikings superfan serves Alexander Ludwig coffee at work not knowing it's actually him

She casually mentioned he wasn't her favourite character. Awkward.

A fan of the TV show Vikings unwittingly served star Alexander Ludwig in a coffee shop and casually told him he wasn’t her favourite character. Awkward.

In a post on TikTok, unsuspecting fan Lauren can be seen holding up a photo of Ludwig in character as Björn Ironside on her phone and showing it to Ludwig to highlight the likeness… and yet somehow she still didn’t realise. You can see how it played out here:

After revealing she was a fan of the show, Lauren is then asked who her favourite character is and it’s bad news for Björn as it’s actually his dad Ragnar Lodbrok that she likes the most. Ouch.

But it’s not all bad news for Ludwig, as Lauren quickly clarifies that she also likes Björn, but adds: “It’s the OG versus his son.”

At this point, Ludwig cuts in to suggest that Björn could be a bit of a ‘spoilt brat’ who later becomes a ‘bad ass’, with Lauren agreeing: “Oh, yes. His name is Ironside, he earned the name Ironside.”

At this point, Lauren whips out her phone again and this time she shows Ludwig a photo of Travis Fimmel, who plays his dad on the show. This is too good, isn’t it?

The coffee shop worker held up her phone to show Alexander Ludwig a photo of… Alexander Ludwig.

Finally, Ludwig puts puts her out of her misery and introduces himself.

“I’m Alexander,” he tells her and Lauren casually goes to shake his hand - the penny still not dropping.

He then adds: “I play Björn Ironside.”

And a thoroughly mortified Lauren drops her head down to the counter as the realisation sinks in. Ah, Lauren, you’ve had a nightmare there, mate.

Ludwig shared a video of the interaction on social media where it’s racked up more than four million, which I’m sure Lauren is delighted about…

Poor Lauren dropped her head when she realised her mistake.

However, Ludwig’s fans absolutely loved the wholesome interaction with one writing: “She’s too cute the way she explains everything you can tell she’s so genuinely enjoyed the show.”

Another posted: “I couldn't imagine how I would react to meeting Bjorn in real life. But she was adorable”

A third commented: “You are a good person sir, you made that young lady’s entire day and gave her a story to tell for years.”

While a fourth added: “Omg she had no clue, this is brilliant.”

Others said that Lauren’s enthusiasm for the show was so strong it had encouraged them to give it a watch. Nicely done.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@alexanderludwig

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