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'If I was a...' TikTok trend takes over platform

Jen Thomas

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'If I was a...' TikTok trend takes over platform

If your TikTok For You Page is suddenly a blur of fast-changing images, chances are you’ve seen some of the ‘If I was a trend’ posts.

Yes, it’s a trend about a trend. Trendception, if you will. Has TikTok finally eaten itself or is it just a further case of rampant narcissism?

Here’s all you need to know about the latest viral video to hop on.

What is the 'If I was a trend' TikTok?


TikTok is often used to show off your personality and individuality, and this trend taps into that.

It’s essentially the TikTok version of the quizzes you used to fill in on Bebo, Myspace and Facebook but this time it has pretty pictures.

There are several different versions, with some creators posting that they asked their boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate to pick a theme that they remind them of.

Others have just picked their own (possibly because their boyfriend or roommate picked ugly aesthetics or got the answers wrong, who knows).


For the really competitive folk (or those with a LOT of time on their hands) they even pitched their best friend and boyfriend against each other to compare answers.

The trend is highly time consuming but cute to look at, with an array of themed photos flashing by at a fast pace set to a fast drumbeat, usually "Run Boy Run" by Woodkid.

The song has previously been used in multiple advert campaigns.


The categories include things like season, weather type, element, colour, crystal, animal, food, city, school subject and more.

The trend is showing no sign of slowing down, with the "#ifiwasa" tag having 111 million views.

As always, trends morph and change, with some offshoots including people challenging themselves to guess what the subjects are before they flash up, and from disgruntled girlfriends disappointed with their answers or their boyfriend’s refusal to take it seriously. 


Some people have even posted videos offering to pay someone else to make the video for them if they send them the photos, as it's THAT time consuming.

Commenters have joked about some of the choices, saying they would cry or ask for a divorce if their husband described them as "beige" or a Birkenstock shoe.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

Topics: TikTok, Social Media, Sex and Relationships

Jen Thomas
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