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Who Is Tammy Hembrow And Why Is She Famous?

Who Is Tammy Hembrow And Why Is She Famous?

The Australian influencer has built up one of the most successful social media brands in the country.

Fitness influencer Tammy Hembrow has come into the spotlight this week after conflict surfaced online between her and Australian comedian, Celeste Barber.

While Tammy Hembrow has established quite the following for herself online, with 15.3 million followers on Instagram, many are wondering exactly who she is, and why Celeste Barber would be criticising her so publicly. 

Born on April 22, 1994, in Gold Coast, Australia, Hembrow is a fitness influencer on Instagram and YouTube, best known for her fitness platform TammyFit and her gym wear brand, SASKI

The 28-year-old is the daughter of actor Mark Hembrow, and mother Nathalie Stanley, a makeup artist.

Now incredibly popular online, Hembrow ​​gained her following by documenting her 2014 pregnancy.

She shared with her followers her postpartum transformation and built a platform that hoped to inspire mothers and non-mothers alike to commit to a lifestyle that allows their body to 'look and feel its absolute best'.

A quote on her website says: “I don’t want women to give up after having a baby, thinking that their body is ruined or will never be the same. The truth is that it probably won’t ever be the same, but it can be even better!”

This message saw Hembrow come under fire last week, when Celeste Barber wrote on an Instagram story that her postpartum content was 'dangerous'.

Barber wrote: “Women should NEVER feel as though they need to put on activewear and show off their bodies, to prove a point ESPECIALLY 12 days after having a baby. 12 DAYS!”

In response, Hembrow stripped down to lingerie in an Instagram post, writing in the caption: “This body created life x3."

She added that she'll 'wear whatever' she wants.

Hembrow also stressed that everyone’s postpartum journey is different, writing in another Instagram post: “Please DO NOT be hard on yourself or compare yourself to others.

"We all have different genes, different lifestyles, different circumstances etc. That being said I work & have worked extremelyyy hard & want nothing more than to motivate & inspire you!” 

Featured Image Credit: Tammy Hembrow/Instagram

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