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KSI responds to MrBeast making 'biggest announcement of his life' which will rival PRIME

KSI responds to MrBeast making 'biggest announcement of his life' which will rival PRIME

The YouTubers are set to become business rivals following MrBeast's shock announcement

It's been nearly two years since two of the world's biggest YouTubers, KSI and Logan Paul, announced they would be teaming up to take the beverage world by storm with the release of their drinks brand, Prime.

The hydration drinks have quickly become a firm favourite among young followers, who ransacked supermarkets when the drinks were first released and have continued to sell out the brand ever since.

But while Prime continues to go from strength to strength, reportedly earning the YouTubers an impressive $1.2 billion in annual sales, the brand could be set to face its first stumbling block.

A shock announcement came yesterday (17 February), when fellow YouTuber MrBeast claimed he had developed the 'best ever chocolate'.

Many fans have speculated that the chocolate brand Feastables, which initially launched in 2022, could be set to rival KSI and Paul's Prime, in the battle to the YouTuber top spot.

After making what MrBeast referred to as 'the biggest announcement of my entire life', KSI commented on the post, but his response might not be exactly what you're thinking.

Despite the two widely being viewed as competitors, both in the world of YouTube and in business, the British rapper appeared to offer his show of support.

KSI appeared to support his fellow YouTuber.

"Pls send me some," he wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter, which has since been liked more than 4,000 times, alongside a heart emoji.

Some X users were less than impressed with KSI's response though, with one even accusing him of asking for handouts.

"Are you finally broke or something?" one follower questioned, while another suggesting: "You a millionaire, buy your own lil bro."

"Bluds rich asking for handouts [sic]," a third wrote.

According to MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, his mission to create the best chocolate began a year ago, when he realised his previous mission to taste better than Hershey's chocolate was obsolete, because 'doesn't everything taste better than a Hershey's bar?'

MrBeast claimed he had developed the 'best ever chocolate'.

Despite only making the announcement yesterday, MrBeast is already on the right track for success after the initial launch of his chocolate brand reportedly made $10 million in sales in 2022.

To most of us that's an eye-watering sum of money, but compared to KSI and Logan Paul's Prime sales, it's merely a fraction.

Will Feastables' latest announcement rival the success of the hit hydration drinks? It's hard to say, but at least the businessman has the support of his fellow YouTubers in the process.

Featured Image Credit: PRIME / X / @MrBeast

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